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Female Labour Force Participation Rate Jumps to 37.0%

The Periodic Labour Force Survey Report for 2022-23, released on October 9, 2023, by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, brings encouraging news. It reveals that more women in India are actively participating in the workforce.

Key Statistic: Female Labor Force Participation

Female Labour Force Participation Rate Jumps to 37.0%

  • The Female Labor Force Participation Rate, a measure of women engaged in work or actively seeking employment, has risen by 4.2 percentage points, reaching 37.0% in 2023.
  • This increase is a positive sign for women’s employment and participation in the workforce.

Government Initiatives Empowering Women

  • The government has taken several steps to boost women’s involvement in various aspects of life, enhancing their long-term socio-economic and political development.

1. Girls’ Education The government has launched programs to promote girls’ education, ensuring they have access to quality schooling. This empowers them with knowledge and skills.

2. Skill Development Various skill development programs have been put in place to equip women with the necessary skills for better job opportunities. It enhances their employability.

3. Entrepreneurship Support Initiatives to support women in becoming entrepreneurs and business leaders have been implemented, fostering economic independence and self-reliance.

4. Workplace Safety Policies and laws have been enacted to make workplaces safer, addressing issues of harassment and creating a more supportive environment for women. This ensures a comfortable working atmosphere.

Why Labor Force Participation Matters

  • The Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) is a crucial economic indicator.
  • It shows the percentage of the population within working age, usually 15 to 64, who are either employed or actively seeking employment.
  • A high LFPR indicates a healthy economy with ample job opportunities.

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