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Finance Minister Launches HSBC India’s Green Hydrogen Partnerships

In a significant step towards fostering innovation in the field of green hydrogen, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has launched strategic partnerships between HSBC India and prominent institutions, namely the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF).

The collaboration, which comes with a substantial grant support totaling ₹15 crore ($2 million), marks a pivotal moment in advancing projects that prioritize green hydrogen as a strategic alternative fuel. These initiatives are poised to play a crucial role in building a resilient green-hydrogen economy.

Pioneering Innovation for a Sustainable Future

The partnerships forged by HSBC India underline the nation’s commitment to accelerating innovation in the realm of green hydrogen. As India strives to reduce its carbon footprint and make significant strides in the fight against climate change, green hydrogen has emerged as a game-changing solution that aligns perfectly with these goals. The strategic partnerships aim to channel resources and expertise into projects that will drive the adoption of green hydrogen across various sectors.

Government’s Focus on Green Reforms

These reforms are not only expected to pave the way for a more sustainable future but also create numerous employment opportunities in the emerging green economy. By focusing on technologies like green hydrogen, India is positioning itself as a leader in the global effort to transition towards low-carbon alternatives and attain self-reliance in energy production. This aligns with the country’s commitment to meeting its international climate targets and fostering a greener, more resilient economy.

The Role of Partnerships in Boosting the National Green Hydrogen Mission

HSBC India’s strategic partnerships with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF) are poised to provide a significant boost to the government’s National Green Hydrogen Mission. Announced during the union budget for 2021-22, this mission outlines a comprehensive roadmap for integrating alternative energy sources into India’s energy landscape. With a strong focus on green hydrogen, the mission seeks to harness the potential of this clean fuel to address energy security and environmental challenges.

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  • CEO of HSBC India: Hitendra Dave

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