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Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan-2023: Madhya Pradesh’s IT Hub Indore Secures First Rank

The city of Indore has clinched the top spot in the Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan -2023 conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board, in the category of cities with a population exceeding 10 lakhs. The results of the survey reflect not only the city’s dedicated efforts but also highlight the overall progress made by several cities in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh Dominates the Rankings

The Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan -2023 witnessed a remarkable display of dominance by Madhya Pradesh, particularly in the category of cities with a population of more than 10 lakhs. Out of the top five positions, two were secured by cities from the state. While Indore claimed the prestigious first position, Bhopal secured a commendable fifth rank. This achievement reinforces Madhya Pradesh’s proactive approach to tackling pollution and promoting cleaner air quality.

City-wise Rankings and Scores

Indore’s remarkable performance was underpinned by its impressive score of 187 out of 200, a testament to its robust and comprehensive measures for environmental preservation. Bhopal secured a respectable fifth position with a score of 181, while Jabalpur and Gwalior secured the 13th and 41st positions with scores of 172 and 114, respectively. These rankings mirror the concerted efforts undertaken by these cities to combat pollution and enhance their environmental footprint.

Below are the top five positions among cities with a population exceeding 10 lakhs:

Rank Population Category City
1st > 10 lakhs Indore
2nd > 10 lakhs Agra
3rd > 10 lakhs Thane
4th > 10 lakhs Srinagar
5th > 10 lakhs Bhopal

Recognition from the Environmental Authorities

The dedication of the officers and employees involved in the process of achieving these remarkable rankings was acknowledged by none other than the Environment Minister Hardeep Singh Dang. The Minister extended his congratulations to the departmental personnel for their outstanding commitment to environmental conservation. Such recognition reinforces the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving sustainable urban development goals.

Other Notable Rankings

Beyond the category of cities with over 10 lakh population, Madhya Pradesh’s cities also shone in other population brackets. Among cities with populations ranging from 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs, Sagar secured an impressive 10th position in the country, with a score of 188.02. For cities with populations less than 3 lakhs, Dewas retained a commendable 6th position, having scored 180. This was a slight dip from its previous year’s performance when it secured the top position with a score of 175.05 out of 200.

Self-Assessment and National Clean Air Programme

To reinforce pollution control efforts, cities actively engage in self-assessment through the online portal “PRAN” as part of the National Clean Air Programme. This platform enables cities to report on the various activities and measures they have implemented to manage challenges related to solid waste, road dust, construction and demolition waste management, vehicular emissions, and industrial pollution. This holistic approach towards environmental conservation underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in driving sustainable urban development.

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Swachh Vayu Sarvekshan-2023: Madhya Pradesh's IT Hub Indore Secures First Rank_5.1