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First Female in India, All Name List

Across the annals of history, individuals from diverse backgrounds have fearlessly challenged the limits of human potential. They shattered records, pioneered uncharted paths and imprinted an enduring legacy on our world. These remarkable feats have ignited a motivational spark in countless people. This article delves into the remarkable achievements of men, women and individuals from various walks of life, highlighting their substantial contributions to human advancements and the enduring impact they have left for generations to come.

First Females in Indian History – Contributions

The first females of India made groundbreaking contributions across various fields. Pioneers like Sarojini Naidu excelled in literature and politics, becoming the first Indian woman to hold the presidency of the Indian National Congress. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit served as India’s first female diplomat and ambassador to several countries. Their achievements shattered gender barriers, inspiring generations of Indian women to pursue excellence in diverse spheres.

First Females in India, Know the Names

From Anandi Gopal Joshi, the first female doctor, to Kiran Bedi, India’s first woman I.P.S. officer and beyond, these women’s accomplishments have paved the path for progress and inspiration across generations.

Here is the list of first females in India:

S. No. First Female in India Name Year
1. First female doctor in India Anandi Gopal Joshi 1887
2. First female teacher in India Savitribai Phule 1848
3. India’s first women I.P.S. officer Kiran Bedi 1972
4. First woman autorichshaw driver Shila Dawre 1988
5. First female pilot in India Sarla Thakral 1936
6. First female train driver in India Surekha Yadav 1988
7. First female rafale pilot in India Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh 2017
8. First female army officer in India Captain Lakshmi Sehgal 1943
9. First female astronaut in India Kalpana Chawla 2003
10. First female prime minister in India Indira Gandhi 1966-1977
11. First female engineer in India Lalitha Ayyalasomayajula 1919-1979
12. First female lawyer in India Cornelia Sorabji 1894
13. First female president in India Pratibha Patel 2007-2012
14. First female chief minister in India Sucheta Kriplani 1963
15. First female actress in India Durgabai Kamat 1914
16. First female barrister in India Cornelia Sorabji 1866-1954
17. First female fighter pilot in India Bhawana Kanth 2016
18. First female neurosurgeon in India Thanjavur Santhanakrishna Kanaka 1932-2018
19. First female airline pilot in India Durba Banerjee 1959
20. First female governor in India Sarojini Naidu 1947-1949
21. First female scientist in India Kamala Sohonie 1912-1988
22. First female IFS officer in India Chonira Belliappa Muthamma 1949
23. First educated female in India Savitribai Phule 1831-1897
24. First female defence minister in India Nirmala Sitharaman 2017
25. First female entrepreneur in India Kalpana Saroj 2001
26. First female dentist in India Vimal Sood 1922-2021
27. First woman president of INC Annie Besant 1917
28. First woman union minister Rajkumari Amrita Kaur 1947
29. First woman ruler in India Razia Sultan 1236-1240
30. First woman to get Ashoka Chakra Nirja Bhanot 1987
31. First Indian woman to get the nobel prize Mother Teresa 1979
32. First Woman Chief Justice of India Leila Seth 1991
32. First Indian woman to climb the Mt. Everest Bachendri Pal 1984
33. First Indian woman to become Miss World Miss Reita Faria 1966
34. First woman to get Jnanpith award Ashpurna Devi 1976
35. First Indian woman to win a gold in Asian games Kamaljeet Sandhu 1970
36. First Indian woman to win the Booker Prize Arundhati Roy 1992
37. First female musician to win Bharat Ratna Ms Subbulakshmi 1916-2004
38. First Indian woman to win WTA title Sania Mirza 2005

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