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Former Judge Najmi Waziri to Head Committee for Delhi Forest Protection

The Delhi High Court has appointed former judge Najmi Waziri to lead a committee focused on safeguarding the forests in the national capital. This decision follows concerns about various government departments not fully cooperating with efforts to protect these vital natural resources.

Appointment Amidst Concerns

In response to a plea seeking better coordination among departments to protect Delhi’s forests, the High Court appointed Justice Najmi Waziri to head an internal departmental committee. This decision stemmed from observations that certain government departments were not adequately assisting in collating essential documents and records for forest protection efforts.

Ensuring Cooperation

The High Court emphasized the necessity for full cooperation from all government departments involved in forest protection. It directed the Delhi government to provide Justice Waziri with the necessary secretarial support and urged all concerned departments to collaborate effectively with the committee.

Modification of Previous Order

The Court modified its earlier order, issued on December 21, 2023, to nominate Justice Waziri to chair the committee. This move aims to ensure greater seriousness and coordination among various departments in safeguarding both protected and deemed forests in Delhi.

Committee Mandate

The committee, as outlined in the December 21, 2023 order, consists of key officials from the forest department responsible for the preservation and monitoring of forests. Its primary objective is to take concrete steps to protect, preserve, reclaim, and enhance both protected and deemed forests in Delhi.

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