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Fourth Edition of India’s Clean Air Summit Begins in Bangalore

India’s Clean Air Summit (ICAS)

The fourth edition of India’s Clean Air Summit (ICAS) took place in Bangalore with global experts. With the help of India’s Clean Air Summit, global experts are set to discuss an integrated approach to resolving air pollution and increasing climate change. India’s Clean Air Summit will continue till 26th August 2022. The Centre for Air Pollution Studies (CAPS) and the Centre for Study of Science, Technology, and Policy (CSTEP), think-tanks have organized the summit.

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Key Points Related to India’s Clean Air Summit (ICAS) 

  • The event is four days long and will see policymakers, scientists, technologists, and people affected by the changing climate sharing their experiences and statistics.
  • The officials and speakers of CSTEP have shown their concerns over the increase in climate change and air pollution.
  • The summit aims to examine solutions using the finest technology and science.
  • The event will also be attended by Government officials from state and central pollution boards.
  • This four-day-long India’s Clean Air Summit (ICAS) aims to dig into measures to improve the implementation of the National Clean Air Programme and build a partnership with different communities.
  • The partnership with different communities will help in implementing on-ground solutions related to the summit.

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