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French author Rene Naba releases New Book “Nuclearization of Asia”

French author Rene Naba releases New Book "Nuclearization of Asia"_4.1

French Author Rene Naba has authored a new bilingual book in both French and English titled “De la Nucléarisation de l’Asie“(Nuclearization of Asia). The book discusses the nuclear emergency and threat posed by the nexus of Pakistan and China. The book published by Golias was released at the Geneva Press Club which was attended by the in­person participation of 35 people and 23 of them participated in virtual mode.

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René Naba is the author of 2 books on Asia. The 1st book was “Pakistan facing the challenge of the post­Western world and Eurasia” Golias 2018, the first book in French on the strategic mutation of Pakistan. Rene Naba is the former head of the Arab Muslim world in the diplomatic service of AFP and vice president of the International Center for the Fight against Terrorism.

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French author Rene Naba releases New Book "Nuclearization of Asia"_5.1

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