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‘Gaganyaan’ India’s first human space mission scheduled to launch in 2023


India will attain the unique distinction of launching the first Human Space Mission ‘Gaganyaan’ as well as the first Human Ocean Mission in 2023, according to Space and Earth Sciences Minister Dr Jitendra Singh. Testing for both the Space and Ocean manned missions have evolved to an advanced stage, and that the remarkable accomplishment would be performed in the second half of 2023, while speaking at the World Oceans Day festivities in New Delhi.

Key Points:

  • According to the Minister, the government will shortly reveal the Blue Economic Policy, and ocean-based sectors would employ roughly 40 million people by 2030.
  • Major missions for Gaganyaan are planned for the second half of 2022, including a test vehicle flight to validate the crew escape system’s performance and the first uncrewed Gaganyaan mission, which will be followed by a second uncrewed mission in late 2022 carrying “Vyommitra,” an Isro-developed spacefaring human robot, and finally the first crewed Gaganyaan mission in 2023.
  • The natural riches buried beneath the sea would propel the country’s growth to unprecedented heights.
  • India’s marine enterprises must realize their full potential since oceans supply both live and non-living resources, ranging from fisheries to marine biotechnology, minerals, and renewable energy.


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