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World’s First ‘Right To Repair’ Law For Digital Electronics Passed by New York Legislature

New York state legislature is a world first, to pass the law for Digital Electronics. The “right to repair” bill enacted by the requiring digital electronics makers to make parts, tools, information, and software available to customers and independent repair businesses. After government pressure to safeguard customers’ rights to repair and refurbish their purchased products, the “Fair Repair Act” was enacted.

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About the Digital Electronics Law:

  • This is tremendous news for independent repair shops, since they will now be allowed to compete with manufacturers, opposing the repair market concentration that manufacturers have established by limiting access to parts and tools.
  • Without the approval of the ‘Right to Repair,’ 59 percent of independent repair firms claimed they could have to close their doors, according to a recent poll.
  •  This bill covers most electrical equipment, however there are a few significant exceptions.
  • It excludes automobiles (which are currently covered by a nationwide Right to Repair agreement between OEMs and aftermarket), household appliances, medical gadgets, public safety communications equipment such as police radios, agricultural equipment, and off-road equipment.

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