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Gaza City: Amidst Adversity, Resilience Persists

Gaza City

Gaza City, the largest city in the Gaza Strip, is a focal point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s a densely populated urban center that has been the site of numerous conflicts and tensions over the years. Despite its challenges, the city remains a hub of Palestinian culture, commerce, and resilience, with a diverse population and a rich history.

Gaza City is located along the Mediterranean coast and serves as the administrative and economic center of the Gaza Strip. While it has faced many difficulties due to the ongoing conflict, its people continue to exhibit remarkable strength and determination in the face of adversity. The city is home to various markets, educational institutions, and cultural landmarks that reflect its enduring significance in the region.

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What is happening in Gaza?

The United Nations has issued a stark warning about the critical humanitarian situation in Gaza. While around 34 trucks carrying essential supplies like food, water, and medical aid were permitted to enter through the Rafah border crossing from Egypt over the weekend, this only addresses a fraction of the needs of the people in Gaza. Typically, the region receives 400 to 500 truckloads of supplies every day. The UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees, Unrwa, has raised concerns about limited access to clean water, which has heightened worries about dehydration and waterborne diseases.

The conflict has led to a significant displacement of people, with an estimated 1.4 million individuals in Gaza being displaced. Many moved from the north to the south, following guidance from the Israeli military for their safety. The population increase in southern cities like Khan Younis has strained resources, leading to overcrowded living conditions and makeshift shelters. However, Israel has continued to conduct strikes on what it identifies as Hamas military targets in the southern Gaza area. Some of those who initially fled the north are returning due to the difficult situation in the south. The World Health Organization has also pointed out the challenges in evacuating patients from hospitals in northern Gaza.

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Gaza Area in Km

The Gaza Strip is 41 km (25 mi) long, from 6 to 12 km (3.7 to 7.5 mi) wide, and has a total area of 365 km2 (141 sq mi). It has a 51 km (32 mi) border with Israel, and an 11 km (7 mi) border with Egypt, near the city of Rafah.

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