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Gaza Population 2023

In the heart of the Gaza Strip, a region roughly the same size as Las Vegas, a staggering contrast in population density unfolds. The largest city in the Gaza Strip, aptly named Gaza City, is home to over 650,000 people within its 18 square miles, a population density that surpasses even the bustling streets of New York City.

However, as tensions and conflicts persist in this region, Gaza City is facing an impending crisis. Israel recently ordered an evacuation zone around the city in anticipation of a possible ground invasion, heightening an already dire situation. It is estimated that around half of the Gaza Strip’s residents, approximately one million people, have been displaced due to the ongoing hostilities, according to a United Nations update.

The densely populated Gaza City now finds itself in the midst of an unprecedented humanitarian challenge. With a population density higher than any major U.S. city, the residents of this beleaguered city are enduring the harsh realities of conflict, displacement, and uncertainty. As the international community closely watches the developments in the region, the human toll and suffering in Gaza City underscore the urgent need for diplomatic efforts and a lasting solution to this long-standing conflict.

Gaza Population 2023

Year Population
2023 778,187
2024 800,636
2025 823,407
2026 846,506
2027 869,896
2028 893,535
2029 917,421
2030 941,544
2031 965,888
2032 990,435
2033 1,015,202
2034 1,040,155
2035 1,065,268

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