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List of Countries Not Supporting Israel

In the midst of a state of war, several countries, particularly in the Middle East, have stepped forward to express their support for Hamas, the Palestinian militant group. These nations are providing both political backing and practical assistance to Hamas in the ongoing conflict.

List of Countries Supporting Israel

List of Countries Not Supporting Israel

This support has not only come in the form of political backing but also through financial aid and military assistance, adding an intricate layer to the complexity of the ongoing conflict. While Israel’s stance in this conflict is well-established, this article will focus on the countries that have expressed their support for Hamas, shedding light on the diverse array of nations involved in the international dimension of the crisis.

1. Iran’s Ongoing Support

Iran, led by President Ebrahim Raisi, has maintained a longstanding alliance with Hamas. Iranian support for the Palestinian group includes financial aid and the provision of military supplies.

2. Qatar’s Staunch Backing

Qatar, another prominent supporter of Hamas, has issued statements holding Israel responsible for the ongoing escalation in the conflict. Qatar has been actively extending financial assistance to Hamas.

3. Regional Support from Various Nations

Several other Middle Eastern countries have also shown solidarity with Hamas in its struggle against Israel. This includes Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.

4. Lebanese Citizens’ Display of Solidarity

Beyond governments, Lebanese citizens in the capital city of Beirut have publicly expressed their support for Hamas in its ongoing fight against Israel.

In summary, Hamas has garnered significant regional support, both politically and financially, from countries like Iran, Qatar, and others in the Middle East. This support underscores the complexity and international dimension of the ongoing conflict in the region.

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