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Global Terrorism Index – India ranked 13th, topped by Afghanistan

Afghanistan remains the country most impacted by terrorism for the fourth consecutive year, despite attacks and deaths falling by 75 per cent and 58 per cent, respectively, the tenth Global Terrorism Index (GTI) report showed. India ranked 13th on the index, marking only a marginal decrease from the previous year. In spite of being among the 25 worst-hit nations on the index, Indian respondents desisted from selecting war and terrorism as the biggest threat to their daily safety.

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What Is Global terrorism index(GTI):

  • The Global Terrorism Index is an annual ranking produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace. As even the definition of terrorism is hotly debated, it is essential to highlight that the methodologies used to measure terrorism are also contested.
  • The Global Terrorism Index ranks 163 countries on four indicators weighted over five years. These four factors are: the number of terrorist incidents per year, the number of fatalities caused by terrorists per year, the number of injuries caused by terrorists per year, and total property damage caused by terrorism per year.
  • The index provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism since 2000. It produces a composite score in order to provide an ordinal ranking of countries on the impact of terrorism.
  • The GTI is based on data from the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) which is collected and collated by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland.

India: Key findings of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI):

  • India was listed among countries with a “high” impact of terrorism and ranked 13th.
  • India was among the 25 worst terror-hit countries and among 56 of the 120 nations surveyed with no respondents selecting war and terror as the biggest threat to their daily safety.
  • The report lists the Communist Party of India (Maoist) as the 12th deadliest terror group in 2022.

Pakistan: Global Terrorism Index (GTI):

Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) is the rebel group with the largest growth rate in Pakistan, where terror-related deaths have increased by 120%. The number of people killed as a result of terrorism in Pakistan increased dramatically to 643, which is the second-largest rise in the past year, as the number was 292 in the previous year. The number of deaths due to terrorism in Afghanistan in the same year was 633. As a result of the rapid increase in deaths, Pakistan has climbed four spots to rank sixth on the index.

Top five countries with the highest impact of terrorism:

Global Terrorism Index – India ranked 13th, topped by Afghanistan_4.1

Global deaths from terrorism:

Global Terrorism Index – India ranked 13th, topped by Afghanistan_5.1

  • It fell by 9 % to 6,701 deaths, from 38 % in 2015.
  • The West African Country of Burkina Faso had the largest number of deaths globally, increasing from 759 to 1,135 in 2022. Pakistan was in 4th position in terms of the number of terrorism deaths, after Burkina Faso, Mali and Somalia.

South Asia: GTI score: Most Affected With The Terrorism:

Department History | South Asia Studies

  • South Asia remains the region with the worst average GTI score.
  • It recorded 1,354 deaths from terrorism in 2022, a decrease of 30 % when compared to the previous year.
  • Afghanistan and Pakistan remain amongst the ten countries most affected by terrorism in 2022.

The List of Deadliest terrorist groups:

Global Terrorism Index – India ranked 13th, topped by Afghanistan_7.1

Islamic State (IS) and its affiliates were the deadliest terrorist groups in the world in 2022, followed by al-Shabaab, Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), and Jamaat Nusrat Al-Islam wal Muslimeen (JNIM).



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