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GoI notifies establishment of National Turmeric Board

The Union government of India has notified the constitution of the national turmeric board, which will focus on the development and growth of turmeric and turmeric products in the country. Turmeric is majorly cultivated in Tamil Nadu, Telangana state, Karnataka, MP, Odisha, Bengal and Gujarat.

India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of turmeric in the world. It enjoys 62 per cent share in the global turmeric market. During 2022-23, 1.534 lakh tonnes of turmeric and products to the tune of $207.45 million were exported to Bangladesh, UAE, the USA and Malaysia. With the focused activities of the board, it is expected that turmeric exports will reach ` one billion by 2030.

Why is National Turmeric Board needed?

The board will help in setting up processing units and aid in its export. Establishing a tribal university was delayed owing to delay in finalizing the land for setting up the board.” The board will lay stress on exports, R&D and develop traditional value-added turmeric products, while also giving importance to quality and food safety as per established standards.

The establishment of the National Turmeric Board marks a significant step toward harnessing the full potential of India’s turmeric industry. With its multifaceted objectives, it is poised to elevate the well-being of turmeric growers, promote sustainable growth, and strengthen India’s position as the global leader in turmeric production and export. This initiative is not only a testament to India’s commitment to the spice industry but also an opportunity to showcase the myriad benefits of turmeric to the world. As India’s turmeric sector embarks on this new journey, the future holds immense promise and potential for both growers and consumers alike.

Purpose and Objectives of the National Turmeric Board

A. Providing Leadership and Coordination
B. Increasing Awareness and Consumption
C. Exploring International Markets
D. Promoting Research and Development
E. Capacity Building and Skill Development
F. Ensuring Quality and Food Safety Standards
G. Safeguarding and Maximizing Turmeric’s Potential

Composition of the National Turmeric Board

A. Chairperson Appointed by the Central Government
B. Key Members from Government Departments
C. Representation from Turmeric Stakeholders
D. Secretary Appointed by the Department of Commerce

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