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Google Cloud and Flipkart enters a strategic partnership 2022

Flipkart and Google Cloud have formed a multi-year strategic agreement to assist Flipkart  accelerate its innovation and cloud strategy. Flipkart’s next phase of expansion will be aided by this alliance, which will help it achieve its goal of enrolling India’s next 200 million buyers and lakhs of vendors. The deal value was kept opaque by the companies.

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  • Flipkart will be able to provide robust app access and performance even during peak purchasing seasons with increased traffic by leveraging Google Cloud’s secure and scalable global infrastructure and powerful networking technologies.
  • Flipkart will also use Google Cloud to accelerate the creation of new products, boosting its expansion into India’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.
  • Flipkart will use Google Cloud‘s superior data analytics and machine learning capabilities to improve the efficiency of its data platform.
  • This will allow the organisation to better evaluate traffic and transactional data, as well as gain valuable real-time insights into client purchasing and shopping patterns.
  • This would also aid in the identification of trends and patterns associated with growing demand, as well as the creation of more personalised recommendations to improve the customer experience.


  • Flipkart has long used Google‘s portfolio of services, but this is the first time the e-commerce company has formed a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate innovation.
  • Flipkart and Microsoft formed a cloud cooperation in 2017 to help India’s e-commerce grow. Flipkart chose Microsoft Azure as its exclusive public cloud platform as the first step in a wider relationship between the two firms.

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