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Government of India approve celebrating “Hyderabad Liberation Day” all year long

Hyderabad Liberation Day: The Government of India approved annual commemoration of “Hyderabad Liberation Day ” for the years 2022 to 2023. On September 17, 2022, the Ministry of Culture will organise the inaugural event for the year-long celebration of Hyderabad Liberation Day. The goal is to raise awareness of the tale of sacrifice, heroism, and resistance among the current generation in India as a whole as well as in the region under study.

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Hyderabad Liberation Day: Key Points

  • The purpose is to create awareness of the story of resistance, heroism, and sacrifice among the current generation, both in the region under examination and across India.
  • The goal of this year-long memorial is to pay tribute to all those who gave their lives in order to liberate Samsthan and bring it under the control of the Indian Union.
  • The Center plans to observe this day in all three states, even though Maharashtra and Karnataka already recognise it as Marathwada Liberation Day and Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day, respectively.

Hyderabad Liberation Day: Attendees

  • Amit Shah, the union home minister, will attend the inaugural event at Parade Grounds in Hyderabad as a special guest.
  • The Ministry of Culture has also extended invitations to the event to the Chief Ministers of Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Hyderabad Liberation Day: Hyderabad’s liberation

  • There were various princely states that made up India. The princely kingdoms were given the choice of joining India, Pakistan, or remaining independent when the British left India in 1947.
  • The celebration honours India’s conquest of Hyderabad in 1948, which came about as a result of India’s division.
  • 562 of the then-existing 565 princely nations made the decision to join India.
  • However, none of the three princely realms of Hyderabad, Junagadh, or Kashmir either integrated with India or showed any interest in doing so.
  • The entire present-day state of Telangana was a part of the Nizam’s Hyderabad state, as was the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, which included the districts of Aurangabad, Beed, Hingoli, Jalna, Latur, Nanded, Osmanabad, and Parbhani, as well as the Kalaburagi, Bellary Raichur, Yadgir, Koppal, Vijayanagara, and Bidar.

Hyderabad Liberation Day: Post Independence Hyderabad

  • After India gained independence, the Nizam of Hyderabad resisted the idea of joining India and intended to maintain his independence. The last Nizam of Hyderabad’s princely state, Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII, was offered to join India in 1947 but turned it down.
  • Instead, he declared Hyderabad a sovereign state on August 15, 1947, which heightened the tense situation and sparked racial violence.
  • The confusion, the murky discussions, or the revelations that Hyderabad had armed itself with Pakistan’s help did not sit well with the Indian administration.
  • Hyderabad’s freedom was not something the newly independent India wanted since they thought it would cause the nation to become more divided.
  • The idea of an independent Hyderabad was described as “an ulcer in the heart of India that needs to be removed surgically” by the then-Home Minister Sardar Patel.

Hyderabad Liberation Day: Operation Polo

  • India chose the term “Operation Polo” for their decision to conquer Hyderabad. The operation was done under the guidance of Sardar Patel.
  • Hyderabad was taken into India by Police action on September 13, 1948.
  • The Indian Army and Police took Hyderabad under their control and completely incorporated it into Indian territory in a five-day campaign by soundly beating Nizam.
  • 32 people were killed and 97 were injured during the five-day conflict on the Indian side, while 490 people were murdered and 122 were injured on the Hyderabadi side.

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