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Government Sets Up 3-Member Panel to Probe Manipur Violence

The Indian government has established a commission of inquiry, led by former Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court, Ajai Lamba, to investigate the recent series of violent incidents in Manipur. With more than 80 lives lost, the violence and riots have targeted members of various communities. The commission aims to delve into the causes, spread, and administrative response to these tragic events.


Manipur, a northeastern state in India, has been gripped by sporadic violence since ethnic clashes erupted on May 3. The death toll from these clashes has tragically surpassed 80 lives. The situation calls for a thorough investigation to determine the root causes and ensure accountability for any lapses or dereliction of duty.

Commission’s Mandate

The commission of inquiry, established by the central government, has been given a clear mandate to investigate the Manipur violence. It will examine the sequence of events leading up to the violence, along with the facts surrounding the incidents. The commission will also assess whether there were any lapses or negligence on the part of authorities or individuals responsible for maintaining law and order.

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Scope of Inquiry

The commission will specifically investigate the causes and spread of the violence and riots targeting different communities in Manipur. It will examine the adequacy of administrative measures taken to prevent and address the violence, as well as the response to the incidents by responsible authorities. The commission is empowered to consider complaints or allegations brought before it by individuals or associations.

Composition of the Commission

Heading the commission is former Chief Justice Ajai Lamba, bringing significant legal expertise and experience to the inquiry. Assisting Justice Lamba are retired IAS officer Himanshu Shekhar Das and retired IPS officer Aloka Prabhakar. Their collective knowledge and insights from the administrative and law enforcement domains will contribute to a comprehensive investigation.

Reporting and Timeline

The commission is expected to submit its final report to the central government as soon as possible, with a deadline of no later than six months from the date of its first sitting. However, the commission has the discretion to provide interim reports if it deems necessary, keeping the government informed of its findings and progress.

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