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Government’s ‘Skills on Wheels’ Initiative for Rural Empowerment

In a bid to empower rural communities, the government is set to launch the ‘Skills on Wheels’ initiative, aiming to deliver skill training directly to the doorsteps of rural individuals, with a particular focus on equipping rural youth, especially women, with foundational digital skills.

Public-Private Partnership in Skill Development

  • In the initial phase, the Ministry of Skills Development plans to collaborate with the private sector, leveraging corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for skill impartation.
  • Ved Mani Tiwari, the CEO of the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), revealed that discussions are underway with various corporate entities to take up the initiative under their CSR spend, with the intention of rapidly expanding the program’s reach.

Foundational Digital Skills Training

  • The foundational skills training will cover essential digital skills, emphasizing the use of digital public infrastructure, including Aadhaar, digilocker, and UPI.
  • Additionally, the program aims to educate participants on obtaining a driving license.
  • Moving to the next level, the training will incorporate financial skills, providing information and access to loans, credit, insurance, Cibil, and EMIs.

Comprehensive Digital Literacy

  • The digital skills component of the initiative will encompass various aspects, such as using mobile phones for sharing multimedia content and location, engaging in instant messaging, downloading apps, and creating videos.
  • Training sessions will guide individuals in identifying government benefits they are entitled to and assist them in enrolling for or accessing those benefits.

Empowering Participation in the Emerging Economy

  • The overarching goal of the ‘Skills on Wheels’ initiative is to enable individuals to actively participate in the emerging economy.
  • By equipping rural populations with these skills, the initiative seeks to enhance governance and prepare individuals for job opportunities, making them ready for the future.
  • While specific details about interested corporate partners remain undisclosed, the initiative holds the promise of transformative change in rural skill development and digital literacy.

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