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Govt aims to strengthen MSME sector with Competitive (LEAN) Scheme

Competitive (LEAN) Scheme to strengthen MSME Sector

To encourage micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to adopt particular manufacturing practices, the Indian central government introduced a revamped version of the MSME Competitive (LEAN) Programme.

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Competitive (LEAN) Scheme to strengthen MSME Sector: Key Points

  • The programme, which was initially launched under the MSME Champions Program, will help Indian MSMEs by boosting their quality, productivity, and performance.
  • Through the programme, MSMEs will work with professional LEAN consultants to complete the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of the LEAN Scheme by using LEAN manufacturing technologies including 5S, Kaizen, KANBAN, the visual workspace, and Poka Yoka.
  • Instead of the prior subsidy rate of 80%, the central government will now contribute 90% of the expenditures associated with the implementation of this programme, including consultancy and handholding fees.

Know all about the MSME Competitive (LEAN) Scheme:

  • MSMEs must adjust to a business climate that is undergoing fast change as domestic and international competition rises and global supply networks experience upheaval.
  • Every value chain relies on cooperation between big businesses and small suppliers, and MSMEs are essential to this ecosystem.
  • India intends to adopt the Competitive (LEAN) Plan in order to increase the production, efficiency, and competitiveness of MSMEs.
  • This plan intends to cut down on energy use, inventory management waste, and space management.
  • MSMEs may stay competitive and keep up with the changing business environment by implementing LEAN methods.

Objectives of the MSME Competitive, LEAN Scheme

In the table below are the objectives of the MSME Competitive, LEAN Scheme:

Objectives of the MSME Competitive, LEAN Scheme




Rejected rates Space Utilization Quality in process and product
Product and raw material movements

Product cost

Resources like water, energy, natural resources etc.
  • Production and export capabilities
  • Workplace safety
  • Knowledge and skills set
  • Innovative work culture
  • Social and environmental accountability
  • Profitability
  • Introduction to and awareness of industry 4.0
  • Digital empowerment

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