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GRSE Delivers India’s Largest Survey Vessel To Navy


In a significant achievement for India’s maritime capabilities, the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) Ltd delivered the largest-ever survey vessel built in the country, INS Sandhayak, to the Indian Navy. The 110-meter-long vessel is the first in a series of four survey ships being constructed by GRSE for the navy, marking a crucial milestone in the indigenous shipbuilding industry.

Launch and Fitting Out

INS Sandhayak was launched on December 5, 2021, and subsequently underwent extensive fitting out and trials. The vessel’s completion and delivery align with Navy Day, observed on December 4, adding a symbolic touch to the occasion. The dedication and precision exhibited by GRSE in the construction of this sophisticated survey vessel underscore the organization’s commitment to bolstering India’s naval capabilities.

Delivery Protocol and Significance of Navy Day

The protocol of delivery and acceptance was formalized through the signing ceremony between GRSE Chairman and MD, Commodore (retd) P R Hari, and the commanding officer of INS Sandhayak, Commodore R M Thomas. The delivery on Navy Day, a day commemorating the achievements and sacrifices of the Indian Navy, adds historical resonance to the occasion.

Reincarnation of INS Sandhayak

This newly delivered vessel is the reincarnation of another ship bearing the same name. The earlier INS Sandhayak, a survey vessel commissioned into the navy in 1981, served the nation until its decommissioning in 2021. The continuity of the vessel’s name highlights the rich history and legacy associated with India’s naval fleet.

Versatile Capabilities of Sandhayak-Class Vessels

Designed entirely by GRSE, the Sandhayak-class vessels boast comprehensive capabilities, making them invaluable assets to the Indian Navy. These survey ships can conduct full-scale coastal and deep-water hydrographic surveys, providing crucial data for port and harbor approaches, navigation channels, and routes.

Enhanced Maritime Capabilities

The Sandhayak-class vessels contribute significantly to India’s maritime capabilities by undertaking surveys of maritime limits and collecting oceanographic and geographical data for defense applications. This capability enhances the nation’s strategic preparedness and situational awareness in the maritime domain.

Multi-Role Functionality

In addition to their primary survey functions, these vessels exhibit multi-role capabilities. Each ship can carry a helicopter, participate in low-intensity combat scenarios, and function as hospital ships. The versatility of the Sandhayak-class vessels extends to their deployment in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, showcasing their adaptability and utility in diverse situations.

Questions Related to Exams

Q1. How long is INS Sandhayak, and what distinguishes it from other vessels?

Answer: INS Sandhayak is 110 meters long, making it the largest survey vessel built in India.

Q2. How does INS Sandhayak relate to its predecessor with the same name?

Answer: INS Sandhayak is the reincarnation of a survey vessel commissioned in 1981, highlighting the rich history and legacy of India’s naval fleet.

Q3. Who designed the Sandhayak-class vessels, and what are their primary capabilities?

Answer: The Sandhayak-class vessels were entirely designed by GRSE, with capabilities for coastal and deep-water hydrographic surveys.

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