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Gujarat Sets Guinness Record In Mass Surya Namaskar


Gujarat, known for its rich cultural heritage and commitment to health and wellness, achieved a remarkable feat on New Year’s morning by making an indelible mark in the Guinness Book of World Records. The state hosted the largest simultaneous Surya Namaskar performance, involving over 4,000 participants from 108 locations across 51 categories.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Commends the Extraordinary Achievement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi applauded the extraordinary achievement, emphasizing the state’s commitment to yoga and cultural heritage. In a post on social media platform X, he stated, “Gujarat welcomed 2024 with a remarkable feat – setting a Guinness World Record for the most people performing Surya Namaskar simultaneously at 108 venues! This is indeed a true testament to our commitment to Yoga and our cultural heritage.”

He further urged people to incorporate Surya Namaskar into their daily routines, highlighting the immense health benefits associated with this ancient practice.

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The Significance of 108 and Iconic Venues

The chosen number of 108 holds special significance in Indian culture, and the venues for the mega event included the iconic Modhera Sun Temple. In Vedic culture, esteemed mathematicians regarded 108 as a symbol of complete existence, linking it to the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The average distance from the Earth to the Sun and Moon is precisely 108 times their respective diameters.

Participants from diverse backgrounds, including families, students, yoga enthusiasts, and seniors, actively engaged in the practice at various locations, creating a grand spectacle.

Gujarat CM Bhupesh Patel on Record-Breaking Surya Namaskar Event

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupesh Patel shared, “Om Suryaye Namah. The first day of the year 2024 turned out to be a wonderful confluence of yoga, spirituality, culture, and health. Overall, around 50,000 people from across the state participated in the Suryanamaskar event. Gujarat set a Guinness World Record by performing the largest number of Surya Namaskars simultaneously at different places.”

Understanding Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation, also known as Surya Namaskar or Salute to the Sun, is a yoga practice that involves a flow sequence of twelve linked asanas. The asana sequence, dedicated to the Hindu solar deity, Surya, was first recorded as yoga in the early 20th century. The practice gained popularity thanks to Bhawanrao Shriniwasrao Pant Pratinidhi, the Rajah of Aundh, and was later adopted into yoga by Krishnamacharya in the Mysore Palace.

Sun Salutation: Diverse Poses, Mantras, and Global Recognition

The sequence involves moving from a standing position into Downward and Upward Dog poses and then back to the standing position, with many variations possible. In some Indian traditions, each position is associated with a different mantra. While the precise origins of Sun Salutation remain uncertain, its integration into yoga has made it a widely practiced and revered sequence, as demonstrated by Gujarat’s historic Guinness World Record achievement.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. Which iconic venue was included in the record-breaking Surya Namaskar event in Gujarat?

a) Somnath Temple
b) Modhera Sun Temple
c) Akshardham Temple

Q2. Who initially recorded the Sun Salutation as yoga in the early 20th century?

a) Rajah of Aundh
b) Krishnamacharya
c) Swami Sivananda

Please provide your answers in the comments section

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