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‘Har Time EMI on Time’ is a financial education initiative launched by Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finance Limited, the lending arm of Bajaj Finserv Limited, a global financial services conglomerate, has launched Har Time EMI On Time, a digital campaign to raise awareness about the importance and advantages of good financial habits for a secure financial future. The campaign aims to inform the general public about the advantages of paying their monthly loan EMIs on time, as well as the long-term consequences of missing payments on their overall financial health.

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  • The advertisement also emphasises the significance of developing a disciplined habit of sticking to payment commitments in order to reap the benefits of the market’s varied financial products.
  • The brand campaign portrays the adorable Gupta Ji of Savdhaan Rahein Safe Rahein renown teaching Tinku Ji, in an engaging and musical style, the simple means of paying his monthly EMIs on time.
  • Tinku Ji educates consumers and the general public about the various implications of non-payment or late payment of instalments, as well as the importance of timely repayments in order to improve one’s credit score, which may affect future borrowing opportunities.
  • The multilingual digital campaign will be viewed on Bajaj Finance Limited’s website, social media platforms, customer portal, interactive voice response (IVR), mobile app, and other media infotainment channels.

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'Har Time EMI on Time' is a financial education initiative launched by Bajaj Finance_4.1MS Dhoni invests for Chennai drone company Garuda Aerospace_90.1

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