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How Many Lok Sabha Constituencies Are There in Punjab?

Lok Sabha constituencies play a pivotal role in India’s democratic framework, representing the diverse interests and voices of its populace. Punjab, a state steeped in history and cultural vibrancy, contributes significantly to the country’s political landscape through its Lok Sabha constituencies.

How many Lok Sabha Constituencies are there in Punjab?

Punjab, known for its agricultural prowess and rich heritage, is represented in the Lok Sabha through a total of 13 constituencies. These constituencies encompass various regions, each with its unique socio-economic dynamics and political preferences.

Significance of Lok Sabha Representation

Lok Sabha constituencies serve as platforms for citizens to voice their concerns, elect representatives, and participate in the democratic process. Members elected from Punjab’s constituencies play a crucial role in shaping national policies, advocating for regional interests, and addressing local issues on a larger stage.

How Lok Sabha Constituencies are Determined in Punjab?

Punjab, housing around 2.8 crore residents, is entitled to 13 Lok Sabha seats, each representing a segment of its population. The allotment of parliamentary seats is contingent upon a state’s population magnitude, ensuring equitable representation. With 13 MPs, Punjab signifies its demographic weight and political significance within the Indian parliamentary framework, fostering representation and democratic participation at the national level.

List of Punjab Lok Sabha Constituencies with MP’s Name

Punjab, housing around 2.8 crore residents, is entitled to 13 Lok Sabha seats, each representing a segment of its population

Here is the complete list of 13 Lok Sabha Constituencies of Punjab with the MP’s name and the party to which they belong:

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Punjab
S. No. Constituency MP’s Name Party
1. Amritsar Shri Gurjeet Singh Aujla INC
2. Anandpur Sahib Shri Manish Tiwari INC
3. Bathinda Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal SAD
4. Faridkot (SC) Shri Muhammad Sadiq INC
5. Fategarh Sahib (SC) Shri Amar Singh INC
6. Ferozpur Shri Sukhbir Singh Badal SAD
7. Gurdaspur Shri Sunny Deol BJP
8. Hoshiarpur (SC) Shri Som Prakash BJP
9. Jalandhar (SC) Shri Santokh Singh Choudhary INC
10. Khadoor Sahib Shri Jasbir Singh Gill INC
11. Ludhiana Shri Ravneet Singh Bittu INC
12. Patiala Smt. Preneet Kaur INC
13. Sangrur Shri Simranjit Singh Mann SAD (A)

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How many Lok Sabha constituencies are there in Punjab?

Punjab has 13 Lok Sabha constituencies.

What determines the allocation of Lok Sabha seats in Punjab?

The population magnitude of Punjab determines the allocation of Lok Sabha seats.

Who represents Amritsar in the Lok Sabha?

Shri Gurjeet Singh Aujla from the INC represents Amritsar.

Which party does Shri Sunny Deol belong to?

Shri Sunny Deol belongs to the BJP.

Who represents Patiala in the Lok Sabha?

Smt. Preneet Kaur from the INC represents Patiala.

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