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Hyderabad Firm Grene Robotics Unveils India’s First AI-Powered Anti-Drone System – Indrajaal

In a remarkable feat of innovation and technological prowess, Hyderabad-based private sector firm Grene Robotics has introduced Indrajaal, world’s only autonomous wide area, counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS). This state-of-the-art system is touted as capable of safeguarding against micro, mini, small, large, and extra-large drones, signaling a significant advancement in Indian defense technology.

Grene Robotics’ Commitment to Showcasing Indrajaal

Grene Robotics has spared no expense or effort, utilizing its own financial resources and scientific expertise to create live demonstrations of Indrajaal for government officials and tri-services officers. This commitment to self-reliance in defense technology demonstrates the firm’s dedication to bolstering India’s indigenous capabilities.

A Remarkable Unveiling

The grand unveiling of Indrajaal took place in the presence of Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh, the governor of Uttarakhand, who hailed the system as a groundbreaking advance in defense technology. General Singh emphasized that this innovation would not only enhance the nation’s self-reliant military capabilities but also address the pressing need to defend against the escalating threat posed by drones.

The Test at Grene Robotics’ Facility

The trial for Indrajaal is being conducted at Grene Robotics’ expansive 79-acre test facility located in Hyderabad. This facility serves as the proving ground for a technology that has the potential to reshape the landscape of security for defense, public infrastructure, and private enterprises alike.

Indrajaal’s Innovative Design

Indrajaal is built on a foundation of 12 unique layers of technology, a feat powered by artificial intelligence, marking a world-first achievement. This cutting-edge system possesses the ability to detect, identify, classify, track, and swiftly neutralize threats in real time. Its coverage extends to 360 degrees, offering protection over areas spanning up to 4000 square kilometers against all categories and levels of unmanned autonomous threats.

Indrajaal’s Versatility in Defense

Indrajaal is currently demonstrating its prowess in safeguarding against a wide array of aerial threats, including low radar cross-section (RCS) threats, medium altitude long endurance (MALE) and high-altitude long endurance (HALE) UAVs, loitering munitions, smart bombs, rocket showers, nano and micro drones, swarm drones, and other contemporary threats.

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Hyderabad Firm Grene Robotics Unveils India's First AI-Powered Anti-Drone System – Indrajaal_4.1

Hyderabad Firm Grene Robotics Unveils India's First AI-Powered Anti-Drone System – Indrajaal_5.1