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Hyderabad’s 36th National Book Fair: February 9-19

A Celebration of Literature

  • The NTR Stadium in Hyderabad hosts the 36th edition of the National Book Fair.
  • Organized by the Hyderabad Book Fair Society, the event kicked off on February 9. The book fair runs until February 19.
  • Drawing bibliophiles (People who love and collect books) from all corners of the city, the fair is a highly anticipated annual event.

A Diverse Showcase

  • 365 stalls feature literature, with 115 exclusively dedicated to Telugu works.
  • Publishers from various states present works in multiple languages.
  • Books of all kinds, including comics, drawing books, biographies, fiction of all genres, classical literature, and novels, are on display.

Reviving the Reading Culture

  • The fair aims to revive the reading culture.
  • Events like these are crucial steps in achieving that goal.
  • Anticipation for large crowds demonstrates the community’s interest in literature.

Honoring Literary Icons

  • The venue is named after civil rights activist Gaddar.
  • The stage bears the name of Ravva Srihari, a renowned scholar in Sanskrit and Telugu.
  • A monument honoring Telangana martyrs is erected on the exhibition premises.

Exciting Literary Programs

  • Evening sessions at 6 pm feature various literary programs.
  • Events include seminars, explorations of literary contributions, interviews with critics, and discussions on important topics.

Visitor’s Delight

  • Visitors express enjoyment in exploring stalls and discovering Telugu literature.
  • Vendors appreciate the opportunity to interact with book enthusiasts.


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