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IAF conducts Rannvijay exercise with integrated operations


The Indian Air Force recently concluded Exercise Ranvijay, a series of integrated wargames aimed at enhancing the skills of fighter pilots. The exercise, which took place from June 16 to June 23 in the UB Hills and Central Air Command Area of Responsibility, focused on executing full spectrum operations with an emphasis on integrated operations and the optimal utilization of the Air Force’s electronic warfare capabilities.

Objectives and Scope of Exercise Ranvijay

Exercise Ranvijay aimed to enhance the skills of fighter pilots through day and night operations involving combat aircraft like Su-30s. The exercise provided an opportunity for pilots to sharpen their operational capabilities and strengthen their proficiency in executing complex maneuvers. The focus on integrated operations highlighted the importance of coordination and synergy among different combat assets.

Location and Participation

The exercise was carried out from various air bases under the Central Air Command, which is headquartered in Prayagraj. The UB Hills and the Central Air Command Area of Responsibility provided a suitable environment for conducting the wargames. Fighter pilots from different squadrons and units within the Indian Air Force actively participated in the exercise, demonstrating their expertise and teamwork.

Emphasis on Integrated Operations and Electronic Warfare Capabilities

Exercise Ranvijay placed particular emphasis on integrated operations, highlighting the need for coordination and cooperation among various combat assets. This approach aimed to enhance the effectiveness of the Indian Air Force in executing complex missions. Additionally, the exercise focused on leveraging the Air Force’s electronic warfare capabilities, showcasing their role in modern warfare scenarios.

Strengthening Coordination and Integration

The Indian Air Force, along with the Army and Navy, has been conducting wargames to enhance coordination and strengthen integration among the three services. These joint exercises provide an opportunity for the armed forces to practice joint operations and improve their interoperability. Exercise Ranvijay contributed to fostering better understanding and cooperation between different branches of the Indian military.

Advancing the Plan for Theatre Commands

Following the successful execution of various joint exercises and addressing concerns, the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force have reached a consensus to proceed with the plan for establishing theatre commands(A joint command of army, air force and navy). Theatre commands are expected to enhance coordination and synergy among the three services by integrating their operational capabilities. This decision reflects the commitment of the Indian military to improve jointness and efficiency in the face of evolving security challenges.

Important takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Chief of Defence Staff — General Anil Chauhan
  • Chief of the Army Staff — General Manoj Pandey
  • Chief of the Naval Staff — Admiral Radhakrishnan Hari Kumar


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