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IAF Conducts Successful Test of Air-Launched Ballistic Missile

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has achieved a significant milestone by successfully testing a new version of an air-launched medium-range ballistic missile. The missile, codenamed ROCKS or Crystal Maze 2, was test-fired from a Su-30 MKI fighter jet in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Impressive Range and Precision

This cutting-edge missile boasts an impressive strike range exceeding 250 km, making it capable of targeting enemy long-range radar and air defense systems with precision. Its advanced guidance system enables it to hit targets in GPS-denied environments, a capability that would have been invaluable during conflicts like the Kargil War.

Warhead Options for Diverse Targets

The ROCKS missile offers versatility with options for either a penetration warhead or a blast fragmentation warhead. This allows the missile to effectively neutralize both above-ground and well-protected underground targets, even in areas heavily defended by surface-to-air systems.

Minimizing Risk with Strategic Deployment

The deployment strategy for ROCKS involves releasing the missile well outside the surface-to-air defended area, followed by a high-velocity trajectory. This approach minimizes the risk to both the aircraft and the missile, ensuring a higher probability of success in striking high-value targets.

Indigenization and Mass Production

Following the successful test, the IAF plans to focus on mass production of these missiles under the Make in India initiative. By leveraging the technology acquired from Israel, the developer of ROCKS, India aims to enhance its indigenous missile production capabilities.

Strengthening Air Strike Capabilities

The integration of ROCKS into the IAF’s arsenal represents a significant advancement in India’s air strike capabilities. With its extended range, precision targeting, and versatile warhead options, this missile system will enable the IAF to neutralize critical enemy assets and infrastructure with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

As India continues to strengthen its defense capabilities, the successful test of ROCKS demonstrates the nation’s commitment to developing cutting-edge military technologies and enhancing its overall strategic deterrence.

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