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IAF To Hold Multi-National Exercise ‘Tarang Shakti’ Next Year

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is gearing up to host a colossal multilateral military exercise, ‘Tarang Shakti‘, which was originally slated for October but has been rescheduled to the middle of 2024. The decision to push the exercise to next year comes as several participating air forces expressed their inability to join the wargame if held in the current year.

A Diverse Array of Participants

  • ‘Tarang Shakti’ is set to draw the involvement of some prominent air forces, including those of France, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Japan.
  • These nations will contribute their aerial assets such as fighter jets, military transport aircraft, and mid-air refuelers to the exercise.
  • Additionally, six other countries have been invited to participate as observers, further emphasizing the exercise’s significance on the global stage.

Tarang Shakti: India’s Ambitious Multilateral Air Exercise Set to Elevate International Military Cooperation

  • The upcoming exercise is anticipated to serve as an impressive showcase of international teamwork and military capabilities, with the involvement of around 12 air forces.
  • The main goal of ‘Tarang Shakti’ is to reinforce military coordination and amplify the seamless interaction between the participating countries.
  • Remarkably, this exercise is on track to become India’s most extensive aerial drill to date, highlighting the nation’s escalating role in the sphere of global military collaboration.

Recent International Air Force Exercises Conducted by the Indian Air Force

  • In April, the Indian Air Force dispatched four Rafale jets, two C-17 aircraft, and two IL-78 mid-air refuelers to participate in a nearly three-week-long multinational air exercise at France’s Mont-de-Marsan military base.
  • Another notable event saw four Rafale fighter aircraft executing a “strategic” mission over the Indian Ocean region for over six hours. This mission underscored the extensive combat capabilities of these advanced aircraft and marked a significant milestone in showcasing India’s air power projection capabilities.
  • Furthermore, in April, the Indian and US Air Forces conducted Exercise Cope India in locations such as Kalaikunda, Panagarh, and Agra. The exercise witnessed the deployment of US assets, including B1 Bomber jets and F-15 fighter aircraft, showcasing the depth of collaboration between the two nations.

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