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IIT Madras To Spearhead Development Of India’s First Indigenous 155mm Smart Ammunition

In a strategic partnership aimed at advancing India’s self-reliance in defence, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) and Munitions India Limited have joined forces to pioneer the development of 155 Smart Ammunition. This groundbreaking collaboration underscores a concerted effort towards achieving indigenisation in the defence sector.

The Project

  • At the helm of this initiative is G. Rajesh, a distinguished faculty member from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at IIT Madras, along with his adept team of researchers.
  • Over the course of two years, their primary objective is to enhance the accuracy and lethality of 155 mm shells, crucial components in military operations.
  • Munitions India Limited, the leading manufacturer and market leader in the defence sector, brings invaluable expertise to the table. Together, the collaborative effort aims to revolutionize the existing landscape by significantly reducing the Circular Error Probable (CEP) to a mere 10 meters.
  • This leap in accuracy is poised to redefine the capabilities of indigenous ammunition, which currently exhibit a CEP of 500 meters. Moreover, the project endeavors to amplify the lethality of the ammunition at the terminal impact point, thereby bolstering its efficacy in combat scenarios.
  • The 155mm Indian Smart Ammunition is crafted to seamlessly integrate with current artillery guns, requiring no modifications. It incorporates advanced features like fin stabilization, canard control, and a 3-mode fuse operation, meeting diverse tactical needs.

Synergy Between Academia And Industry

  • The collaboration between IIT Madras and Munitions India Limited epitomizes the synergy between academia and industry in driving innovation and indigenisation within the defence sector.
  • By harnessing the expertise in Aerospace Engineering and Research and Development, this partnership not only seeks to elevate technological prowess but also underscores a shared vision of strategic autonomy.
  • Through a convergence of knowledge, expertise, and resources, IIT Madras and Munitions India Limited are poised to chart new frontiers in defence innovation, thereby reaffirming India’s status as a global leader in the domain.


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