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India Ageing Report 2023: Jammu Kashmir’s Life Expectancy


The ‘INDIA AGEING REPORT 2023,’ jointly conducted by the International Institute for Population Sciences and the United Nations Population Fund, provides a comprehensive overview of the aging demographic in Jammu Kashmir.

Remarkable Resilience Against Elderly Poverty

Jammu Kashmir emerges as a region with remarkable resilience against elderly poverty, boasting a mere 4.2 percent of its aged population falling below the poverty line. Among the elderly, constituting 9.4 percent of the region’s population, Jammu Kashmir stands out with the highest life expectancy after the age of 60. Males exhibit a life expectancy of 20.3 percent, and females, 23.0 percent, making it the leader in this demographic indicator between 2015-19.

Insights from the LASI Survey: Understanding Usage Patterns

Insights from the LASI survey shed light on the usage of assistive devices among the elderly in India, including Jammu Kashmir. Despite the availability of such aids, only 44 percent of the elderly utilize them. Notably, spectacles (85.2 percent) and walking sticks (18.9 percent) are the most commonly used devices, reflecting a correlation with age, urban residence, higher wealth quintile, and educational levels.

A Closer Look at Mental Health: Challenges and Concerns

The India Ageing Report 2023 delves into mental health concerns among the elderly. Findings reveal that 15 percent of those aged 60 years and above in Jammu Kashmir fall into the lowest 10th percentile of the composite cognition score. Additionally, nearly 30 percent exhibit depressive symptoms, with mental health issues correlating with various factors, including education, age, gender, place of residence, widowhood, living arrangement, and work status.

Navigating Changing Living Arrangements

Traditional joint family systems in Jammu Kashmir have undergone significant transformations, impacting the living arrangements of the elderly. As children migrate for employment, older individuals find themselves with limited support, influencing their mental well-being.

Empowering Elderly Well-being: The Role of the Private Sector

Despite governmental efforts, the India Ageing Report 2023 underscores the need for increased attention from the private sector. Under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, corporations are mandated to allocate 2 percent of their net profits for social development, including aging-related initiatives. This presents an opportunity for financial and technical support from the private sector to improve the lives and living conditions of the elderly in Jammu Kashmir.

Bridging the Awareness Gap for Comprehensive Well-being

The report highlights a significant awareness gap among Jammu Kashmir elders regarding social security schemes, including health insurance coverage. Bridging this gap becomes imperative as the elderly population continues to grow, ensuring comprehensive well-being for all.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. What organizations collaborated to produce the India Ageing Report 2023?

2. What percentage of Jammu Kashmir’s aged population falls below the poverty line?

3. What is the life expectancy of males in Jammu Kashmir after the age of 60?

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