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India Introduces Chakshu: Report Fraud Calls & Texts Platform

In a significant stride towards bolstering cyber-security measures and enhancing citizen empowerment, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) recently unveiled the Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP) alongside the ‘Chakshu’ facility on the Sanchar Saathi portal. This initiative aims to foster collaboration among stakeholders to combat the misuse of telecom resources in cyber-crime and financial frauds.

Key Details of ‘Chakshu’ Facility:

  • Purpose: ‘Chakshu’ is a citizen-centric facility introduced on the Sanchar Saathi portal by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). It aims to empower individuals to report suspected fraud communications received via various channels, including calls, SMS, or WhatsApp.
  • Fraud Types: Citizens can utilize ‘Chakshu’ to report various types of fraudulent activities, such as KYC-related frauds, impersonation as government officials or relatives for financial gain, sextortion, and other forms of communication aimed at defrauding individuals.
  • Ease of Reporting: The facility simplifies the process of reporting suspected fraud communications, enabling citizens to take proactive measures to combat fraudulent activities. By providing a user-friendly interface on the Sanchar Saathi portal, ‘Chakshu’ encourages swift and efficient reporting.
  • Accessibility: ‘Chakshu’ is readily accessible to citizens through the Sanchar Saathi portal (https://sancharsaathi.gov.in), ensuring that individuals can easily report fraudulent communications and contribute to efforts in curbing cyber-crime and financial frauds.
  • Collaborative Approach: By leveraging citizen participation, ‘Chakshu’ facilitates collaboration between the public and relevant authorities, including law enforcement agencies, telecom service providers, and other stakeholders. This collaborative approach enhances the effectiveness of efforts to combat fraudulent activities.
  • Proactive Measures: Through ‘Chakshu,’ citizens can play an active role in safeguarding themselves and others from falling victim to fraud schemes. By promptly reporting suspicious communications, individuals can help prevent financial losses and protect the integrity of the communication network.
  • Integration with Other Initiatives: ‘Chakshu’ is seamlessly integrated into the broader framework of initiatives undertaken by the DoT to enhance cyber-security and protect citizens from fraudulent activities. It complements existing tools and platforms, further strengthening the nation’s cyber-resilience.
  • Awareness and Education: In addition to facilitating reporting, ‘Chakshu’ contributes to raising awareness and educating citizens about the various forms of fraud prevalent in the digital landscape. By empowering individuals with knowledge and resources, the facility promotes a culture of cyber-awareness and vigilance.

Overall, the introduction of the ‘Chakshu’ facility underscores the DoT’s commitment to empowering citizens and fostering a secure digital ecosystem. By encouraging active participation and collaboration, ‘Chakshu’ reinforces efforts to combat cyber-crime and protect the interests of every citizen.

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