India ranked 3rd in Hurun Global Rich List 2020

Hurun Report has released the Hurun Global Rich List 2020. The Hurun Global Rich List 2020 is a ranking of the US-Dollar billionaires in the world. The 9th edition of the Hurun Global Rich list ranked 2,816 billionaires from 71 countries and from 2,182 companies.

Some key facts of the list:

  • Among the countries, the list has been topped by China with 799 Billionaires and USA stood on the 2nd position with 626 Billionaires.
  • Among individuals, Jeff Bezos has topped the list of rischest person in the world with the total wealth of US$ 140 Bn.
  • For the 5th time, Beijing (China) remained the capital of world’s billionaire with 110 billionaires living at the place.
  • Total four individuals recorded wealth of over US$ 100 Bn.
  • Mukesh Ambani stood 9th in the global rich list along with Larry Page and Steve Ballmer with a wealth of US$ 67 Bn. Mukesh Ambani was also the only one from Asian region in the top-10 list.

Here is the list of top ten people in Hurun Global Rich List 2020:

Rank Name Wealth (US$bn) Main Company Country of Residence
1 Jeff Bezos 140 Amazon USA
2 Bernard Arnault 107 LVMH France
3 Bill Gates 106 Microsoft USA
4 Warren Buffett 102 Berkshire Hathaway USA
5 Mark Zuckerberg 84 Facebook USA
6 Armancio Ortega 81 Zara Spain
7 Carlo Slim Helu & family 72 America Movil Mexico
8 Sergey Brin 68 Google USA
9 Larry Page 67 Google USA
9 Mukesh Ambani 67 Reliance India
9 Steve Ballmer 67 Microsoft USA


Here is the list of top ten countries in Hurun Global Rich List 2020:

Rank Country Number of Billionaires
1 China 799
2 USA 626
3 India 137
4 Germany 122
5 UK 119
6 Russia 91
7 Switzerland 88
8 Brazil 69
9 Thailand 57
10 France 51


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