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India Ranks Third In Global Unicorn Rankings With 72 Unicorns


In the dynamic world of startups and unicorns, India has secured the third position globally with an impressive count of 72 unicorn companies. The cumulative valuation of these unicorns stands at a staggering $195.75 billion, showcasing the country’s growing prowess in the international startup ecosystem.

Contributing 5% to Global Unicorn Valuation

  • India’s unicorns play a pivotal role in the global unicorn landscape, contributing a substantial 5% to the total valuation of unicorn companies worldwide.
  • This revelation comes from a comprehensive research study conducted by Journalistic Org, shedding light on India’s influence and standing in the competitive startup arena.

BYJU’s Leading the Indian Charge

  • The first Indian company to make a mark on the global stage is BYJU’s, securing the 36th position with a noteworthy valuation of $11.50 billion.

India’s Unique Position

  • Despite an average valuation per unicorn at $2.72 billion, which is comparatively lower than some counterparts, India’s unicorns showcase resilience and impact.
  • This positions India on par with the UK, highlighting its significance and competitiveness in the international startup landscape.

India Ranks Third In Fintech Unicorns, With United States At The Top

China’s Strong Presence

  • China holds the second-highest number of unicorn companies, boasting a total of 172 with a combined valuation of $641.67 billion.
  • The giant in this space is ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, with a staggering valuation exceeding $225 billion.
  • China’s unicorn landscape continues to evolve, contributing 17% to the total valuation of all unicorn companies globally.

US Dominance

  • The United States leads the global unicorn race with an unparalleled 668 unicorn companies, more than three times the count of China in the second position.
  • These companies amass a colossal combined valuation of over $2 trillion, making up a significant 54% of the total valuation of unicorn companies globally.
  • The US maintains its stronghold, showcasing the diversity and strength of its startup ecosystem.

Unicorn Industries: Enterprise Tech, Financial Services, and Retail

Enterprise Tech Dominance

  • The enterprise tech industry is the frontrunner in the unicorn landscape, boasting 377 companies with a combined valuation surpassing $1 trillion.
  • This industry’s dominance is projected to persist, exceeding growth and total valuation expectations by 2027.

Financial Services Impact

  • Within the financial services sector, 216 unicorn companies collectively boast a valuation of $706 billion.
  • Despite having an equal number of unicorn companies as the consumer and retail industry, the financial services sector exhibits a remarkable 10% higher total valuation.
  • This emphasizes the substantial influence of financial services unicorns in the global market.

Consumer and Retail’s Noteworthy Presence

  • The consumer and retail industry, with 216 unicorn companies, holds the third position in the unicorn landscape.
  • These companies together command a valuation of over $631 billion, showcasing the continued growth and impact of startups in the consumer and retail space.

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