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India Submits ‘Letter of Request’ To France For 26 Rafale-M Naval Fighter Jets


India has taken a decisive step in enhancing its naval capabilities by submitting a Letter of Request (LoR) to the French government. This formal communication signifies India’s intent to acquire 26 Rafale Marine fighter aircraft for the Indian Navy. The procurement will be carried out through a government-to-government deal, reinforcing the strategic cooperation between India and France.

The Letter of Request: Defining India’s Ambitions

The LoR, similar to a comprehensive tender document, outlines India’s specific requirements and capabilities concerning the Rafale Marine aircraft. The Indian government has meticulously detailed its expectations for these high-performance fighter jets, which are destined to operate from the country’s aircraft carriers, INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya.

Fast-Tracking the Acquisition

In response to this milestone, the Indian Navy and the Indian government are working diligently to expedite the acquisition process. Their aim is to ensure the prompt signing of the acquisition contract, allowing the Indian Navy to deploy these cutting-edge aircraft swiftly. The introduction of Rafale Marine fighter aircraft is expected to provide a substantial advantage for New Delhi in the competitive and strategically vital Indian Ocean region.

Clearance by the Defence Acquisition Council

The aircraft procurement deal, valued at approximately Euro 5.5 billion, received the green light from the Defence Acquisition Council. This significant development occurred just before the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to France, where he was a state guest for their Bastille Day parade in July. This symbolic gesture underscores the strong diplomatic ties between the two nations and their commitment to bolstering India’s defense capabilities.

Details of the Procurement

According to the proposal, the Indian Navy is set to receive a total of 26 Rafale Marine aircraft, consisting of 22 single-seated fighters and four trainer aircraft. These aircraft will serve as a crucial addition to the existing fleet of MiG-29s deployed on the aircraft carriers INS Vikramaditya and Vikrant. The introduction of Rafales will significantly enhance the Indian Navy’s combat readiness and capabilities.

Indigenous Missile Integration

India is keen to maximize the potential of these new acquisitions by seeking the integration of its indigenous missiles, including the Astra air-to-air missile, as part of the overall package from France. This step underscores India’s commitment to technological self-reliance and its vision of developing a robust and capable defense ecosystem.

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