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India to host first-ever global AI summit in Oct, to boost innovation

India, as the current chair of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) and the G20, is set to host the first-ever Global IndiaAI 2023 Summit on October 14 and 15. This momentous event will bring together prominent figures in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including researchers, startups, investors, and leading AI players, from around the world. The summit aims to bolster local innovation, showcase AI-enabled public infrastructure tools, and foster international collaboration.

First-ever Global AI summit: Leadership Opportunity through GPAI and G20

Assuming the chairmanship of GPAI in November, India has gained an unprecedented chance to take the lead in emerging technology. This summit marks a pivotal moment for India to showcase its capabilities in AI and contribute significantly to shaping the global technology landscape.

Diverse Strengths of India in AI

India’s diversity provides a unique advantage in AI development. The multitude of languages, cultures, and experiences in India enriches the quality of datasets for AI models. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, emphasized the importance of responsible AI to prevent harm while encouraging innovation.

Promoting Collaborative and Participatory AI

The primary goal of the summit is to promote a collaborative and participatory approach to AI development. This approach seeks to leverage AI’s potential to enhance governance, transform lives, and build global partnerships. India aims to actively shape the direction of technological advancements.

Key Topics and Deliberations at the Summit

The Global IndiaAI 2023 Summit will feature discussions on a wide array of AI applications, including healthcare, governance, and next-generation electric vehicles. Global experts will also explore future trends in AI research, AI computing systems, investment opportunities, and strategies for nurturing AI talent.

Showcasing IndiaAI Initiatives

The summit will serve as a platform to showcase India’s vibrant AI initiatives. These include Digital India Bhashini, the India Datasets program, IndiaAI Future Design program for startups, and the IndiaAI FutureSkills program focused on nurturing top-tier AI talent.

Catalyzing India’s AI Landscape and Innovation Ecosystem

Drawing inspiration from the success of past editions of the SemiconIndia conference, the Global IndiaAI summit aims to catalyze India’s AI landscape and innovation ecosystem. This event is expected to become a significant fixture on the global AI industry calendar.

Framework of IndiaAI Initiative

Under the IndiaAI program, the government has engaged in consultations with industry stakeholders to launch the India Datasets program. The initiative involves the establishment of working groups comprising government representatives, academic institutions, and startups. These groups have outlined a comprehensive framework for IndiaAI, encompassing AI in Governance, AI Computing & Systems, Data for AI, AI IP & Innovation, and Skilling in AI. These pillars will constitute a key part of the summit’s agenda.

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India to host first-ever global AI summit in Oct, to boost innovation_4.1


India to host first-ever global AI summit in Oct, to boost innovation_5.1