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India to Host Its First Multinational Air Exercise Tarang Shakti in August

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to make history this August by hosting its first-ever multinational air exercise, Tarang Shakti-2024. The exercise is slated to be held in two phases, with the initial phase commencing in the first two weeks of August in southern India, followed by the second phase in the western sector from late August to mid-September.

History of this defence cooperation

The roots of India-Germany defence cooperation date back to 2006, with the signing of the Bilateral Defence Cooperation Agreement. In 2007, an Agreement on Mutual Protection of Classified Information was established, providing a framework for bilateral defence ties. These agreements were further strengthened in February 2019 with the Arrangement on Implementation of the 2006 Agreement, signed in Berlin. In February 2024, Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane co-chaired the India-Germany High Defence Committee (HDC) meeting in Berlin with Benedikt Zimmer, State Secretary of the German Ministry of Defence. This meeting focused on enhancing the defence cooperation as a key pillar of the strategic partnership between the two nations. Discussions included potential joint exercises in the Indo-Pacific and deliberations on defence industrial projects.

The upcoming Exercise Tarang Shakti 2024

The upcoming Exercise Tarang Shakti 2024 is a testament to the growing defence cooperation between India and Germany. As both nations continue to strengthen their strategic partnership, this exercise will serve as a cornerstone for future collaborations, fostering a deeper understanding and mutual trust between their armed forces. It is a first multinational air exercise to be hosted by the Indian Air force. Tarang Shakti 2024 will feature air assets from 12 countries, with six nations actively participating with their frontline fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, and mid-air refuellers. The remaining six will join as observers. Notably, the exercise is likely to include forces from the Quad nationsAustralia, Japan, and the United States—along with France and the United Kingdom in addition to Germany.

Objective of this Exercise

The exercise aims to foster professional interactions, enrich the employment philosophy of the participating forces, and facilitate the exchange of valuable insights. It represents a unique opportunity for these nations to collaborate and enhance their tactical and operational capabilities.


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