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India to host maiden Global Buddhist meet next week

Next week, India will host the Global Buddhist Summit in New Delhi, where leaders and scholars from the Buddhist community around the world will gather to discuss contemporary global issues through a Buddhist perspective. The summit aims to find solutions to problems such as climate change, poverty, and conflict, among others, by exploring the Buddhist teachings and practices.

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Theme of the Summit:

The upcoming two-day Global Buddhist Summit to be hosted by India has the theme ‘Responses to Contemporary Challenges from Philosophy to Praxis’. The summit will focus on finding solutions to modern-day challenges using the teachings and principles of Buddhism.

Objective of this Summit:

The main objective of the gathering is to explore ways of disseminating and internalizing universal values while fostering collaboration among Dharma practitioners across philosophical, cultural, and national differences. The ultimate goal is to address pressing global challenges and develop a sustainable model for a peaceful and harmonious future.

Distinguished scholars, Sangha leaders, and Dharma practitioners from around the world will participate in discussions on current global issues and seek solutions from the Buddha Dhamma (in Pali) or Dharma (in Sanskrit) based on universal values.

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