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India welcomes its first regional AI news anchor, ‘Lisa’

What is the news?

In a significant milestone for the AI industry, Odisha TV, an Odia-based news station, has unveiled “Lisa,” India’s first regional AI news anchor. Lisa’s introduction marks a groundbreaking moment in TV broadcasting and journalism, with the potential to revolutionize the industry. With Lisa’s emergence as India’s first regional AI news anchor, the boundaries of AI in the media industry continue to be pushed, opening up new possibilities for engaging and dynamic news presentations in different languages and regional contexts.

In a video shared by OTV on Twitter, Lisa confidently introduces herself, expressing her excitement for this historic occasion. The news station revealed that she would soon be hosting news updates, showcasing her capabilities as an AI news anchor. Lisa possesses the remarkable ability to speak multiple languages, including Odia, English, and others.

OTV acknowledged the challenge of training Lisa in the Odia language and disclosed that efforts are underway to further enhance her proficie .

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Han South Korea Hanson Robotics Assisting in hotels, customer service positions
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India welcomes its first regional AI news anchor, 'Lisa'_4.1

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