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India-West Asia(Middle-East) Relations

We are going to talk about new dynamics emerging in west asia after Abraham Accord up to the present context. This is the fruit of the accord that India, US, Israel and UAE has recently conducted a virtual meeting for west asian geopolitics.

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It is in line with India’s strategic desire to adopt a regional foreign policy strategy toward west asia.


They can deepen engagement in trade, energy ties, fighting climate change, and enhancing maritime security.

In the past India’s foreign policy needs to work on three axis:- Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel. But as of now Saudi, UAE can ring the bell synchronously with Israel, India will find ease in dealing with west asian axises now.

However, India should understand the challenges in the region also and should not involved in west asian rivalry and there is a big bull Iran also, which should not be wary with India. Like in Afghanistan, US has deceived India even after being quad partners, so India should be careful an Iran should not be antagonists partner.

Mr. Modi’s idea of Diaspora diplomacy– He focuses on amalgamating Scattered pieces of Indianess into formidable force.

Importance of Diaspora:

1.India receive 89 billion $ from 17.5 million Indian Diaspora. Majority comes from the west Asian nations.

2.The migration of less-skilled labour (especially to West Asia) has also helped in bringing down disguised unemployment in India.

3.Another tangible long-term advantage in nurturing ties with an active Diaspora is people to people to contact.

What is The Abraham Accord

The Abraham Accord between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain is mediated by the USA.

As per the agreements, the UAE and Bahrain will establish-

1.Embassies and exchange ambassadors.

2.Working together with Israel across a range of sectors, including tourism, trade, healthcare and security.

3.The Abraham Accords also open the door for Muslims around the world to visit the historic sites in Israel and to peacefully pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam.

How India is taking advantage of the accord in west Asia:-

1..Air chief Marshal visited Israel and will take part in military exercise of October and Indian Navy at the same time conducted naval exercise with UAE.

2.In the same time, army chief visited UAE and Saudi at the same time.

3.Indian Navy admiral visited Oman and UAE at the same time.

These three visits reflect India growing defence pact with west asian countries at the time when Israel has set diplomatic mission in UAE.

In the past, India has taken one sided decision in west Asia, but now India is increasing strategic footprint seen in hosting Iranian warships and visit by IAF to Saudi at the same time. Indian Navy recently conducted ,”operation sankalp” to escort indian merchant vessels in the wake of increasing tension between Iran, Israel and USA, but however tension has been eased because of the Accord.

For India, Iran is always a valuable partner, looking into importance of Chahbahar port, Chahbahar-zahedan rail transport for Central Asian market access.

So, the Accord will help India to navigate through troubled waters of west Asia and to establish itself as a power.

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