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India Wins the 9th GovTech Prize for AI-Powered Road Safety Initiative

India was honoured with the 9th GovTech Prize at the World Government Summit 2024, held in the United Arab Emirates. This accolade is a testament to India’s innovative use of artificial intelligence in enhancing government services, specifically under the ‘AI-Powered Government Services’ category. The award, established by the UAE government, acknowledges the creative and innovative technological solutions implemented by government entities worldwide.

A Leap in Road Safety: The iRASTE Project

The Ministry for Road Transport & Highways of the Government of India has been recognized for its groundbreaking project, iRASTE (Intelligent Solutions for Road Safety through Technology and Engineering). This initiative stands out as a pioneering endeavor that integrates AI technology to tackle the challenges of road safety, marking a significant evolution from traditional methods. iRASTE is a collaborative effort that brings together the government, industry, and academia to leverage the predictive capabilities of AI for preemptive road safety measures.

Revolutionizing Road Safety with AI

iRASTE’s approach to road safety is revolutionary, using AI as a pivotal force in road safety engineering. The project utilizes AI algorithms to generate predictive insights, aiming to prevent accidents before they happen. This proactive strategy seeks to reduce the incidence of fatalities and injuries on the roads, addressing the urgent need for safer road conditions in India.

The project sets ambitious goals, targeting a 50% reduction in road accidents in urban areas. It also focuses on significantly reducing black spots within city road networks, thereby improving the overall safety and efficiency of transportation systems.

Global Recognition and Future Aspirations

The GovTech Prize was awarded by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai, and was received on behalf of India by Tadu Mamu, Consul at the Consulate General of India. This global recognition not only highlights India’s commitment to leveraging technology for public welfare but also sets a benchmark for other nations to follow in the realm of AI-powered government services.

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