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Assam Designates Kaji Nemu as the Official State Fruit

Assam, the state government has officially declared kaji nemu (Citrus limon), a variety of lemon unique to the region, as the ‘State Fruit’. The announcement was made by State Agriculture Minister Atul Bora, following a Cabinet meeting on February 12, underscoring the fruit’s cultural, traditional, and nutritional significance to the state and its people.

Cultural and Nutritional Gem of Assam

Kaji nemu, known for its juicy, aromatic nature, and immense nutritional value, holds a special place in Assam’s agricultural landscape. This citrus fruit, exclusive to Assam and parts of the northeast, is celebrated for its unique aroma and antioxidant properties, which have long enriched local cuisines and traditional practices.

A Boost for Local Farmers and Global Recognition

The decision to declare kaji nemu as the State Fruit comes as a strategic move to spotlight this agricultural jewel on the global stage. Assam has a dedicated community of farmers specializing in the cultivation of kaji nemu, with its demand steadily rising, especially in West Asian markets. The fruit’s ability to be produced throughout the year, peaking in two seasons, adds to its appeal and potential for boosting local economy and self-dependency in agricultural production.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took to X to express his optimism about the announcement, stating, “With today’s announcement, it is set to shine on the global fruit map, boosting self-dependency & production.” This initiative is expected to further propel the Assam lemon into international markets, enhancing its recognition and demand.

Geographical Indication Tag

Adding to its accolades, kaji nemu received the Geographical Indication (GI) tag in 2019, a testament to its unique quality and geographical origin. The GI tag not only protects the exclusive nature of the fruit but also assures a premium position in both national and international markets.

A Tradition of State Symbols

The declaration of kaji nemu as the State Fruit is part of Assam’s tradition of recognizing its natural heritage through state symbols. In February 2016, the Assam government declared the one-horned rhino as the State Animal, the white-winged wood duck as the State Bird, the hollong as the State Tree, and the foxtail orchid as the State Flower. These symbols play a crucial role in conservation efforts and in raising awareness about the state’s rich biodiversity.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Assam Capital: Dispur;
  • Assam Languages: Assamese, Bengali, Bodo;
  • Assam Bird: White-winged duck;
  • Assam Flower: Foxtail orchid;
  • Assam High Court: Gauhati High Court.

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