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Indian Air Force Tests BHISHM Portable Hospital for Airdrop in Agra

The Indian Air Force recently conducted a test in Agra for the BHISHM portable hospital, a crucial component of “Project BHISHM” aimed at providing rapid and comprehensive medical assistance during emergencies. These portable cubes, part of a broader initiative, can cater to up to 200 casualties, emphasizing swift response and extensive care.

Project BHISHM: Revolutionizing Emergency Healthcare

Features of BHISHM Portable Hospital

The BHISHM portable hospital incorporates modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics, facilitating efficient medical management on-site. With 72 easily transportable components, including those compatible with hand, bicycle, or potentially drone transport, it offers adaptability across diverse scenarios.

Deployment Mechanism

Designed for airdrop, these hospitals are durable, waterproof, and lightweight, ensuring quick setup, approximately in 12 minutes, vital during large-scale accidents or disasters.

Past Success and Future Prospects

Previously deployed during a significant event in Ayodhya, where they demonstrated swift setup and effective functionality, these portable hospitals signify a significant advancement in India’s emergency response capabilities. The recent tests and forthcoming deployments underscore their potential in enhancing disaster and emergency response, ensuring prompt medical assistance wherever needed.

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