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Which District of Uttar Pradesh is Known as “City of Pulses”?

Uttar Pradesh, the fourth largest state in India, spanning across 240,928 square kilometers, contributes to 7.33% of India’s landmass and 2.4% of the world’s total. Known for its rich cultural diversity and varied landscapes, each district in Uttar Pradesh holds its unique identity, contributing to the state’s vibrant tapestry.

Distinctive Features of Uttar Pradesh

From geographical peculiarities to local products, Uttar Pradesh’s identity is multi-faceted. With 75 districts, organized into 18 divisions, Uttar Pradesh boasts 822 community development blocks, 351 tehsils, and 17 municipal corporations. The easternmost district is Ballia, while Saharanpur marks the northern boundary, Sonbhadra the southern, and Shamli the western.

Which District of Uttar Pradesh is Known as “City of Pulses”?

Balrampur district in Uttar Pradesh is renowned as the “City of Pulses.” Its designation stems from its significant role in the pulse processing industry. Balrampur is recognized for cultivating five types of pulses, which are then distributed to various states across India, including Assam and West Bengal. This title highlights Balrampur’s crucial contribution to the agricultural landscape and its importance in the pulse trade.

Why is Balrampur Known as the “City of Pulses”?

Balrampur’s distinction as “The Pulse City” stems from its significance in the pulse processing industry. According to the District One Product initiative in Uttar Pradesh, Balrampur is synonymous with pulse processing. Here, five types of pulses are cultivated, which are then sent to various states, including Assam and West Bengal. Recognizing its pivotal role, the state government has included pulses as the district’s designated product.

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