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Indian Army Salary Structure: Per Month, Pay Scale, Allowances

Indian Army Salary Structure After 7th Pay Commission

The Indian Army salary structure underwent a significant revision with the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission. The salaries of Indian Army personnel are determined by their respective ranks, with each position being associated with a specific pay level. This rank-wise salary structure reflects the monthly earnings of Indian Army officials across various positions, from the Chief of Army Staff to the rank of Sepoy. The table below provides a comprehensive overview of the Indian Army per month salary structure post the 7th Pay Commission:

Indian Army Agniveer Salary 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

Indian Army Salary by Rank


Inhand Salary
Chief of Army Staff 18 ₹2,50,000/-
VCOAS/ Army Cdr/ Lieutenant General (NEGS) 17 ₹2,25,000/-

Lieutenant in Indian Army Salary

₹1,82,200/- to ₹2,24,100/-
Major General 14 ₹1,44,200/- to ₹2,18,200/-
Brigadier 13 ₹1,39,600/- to ₹2,17,600/-
Colonel 13 ₹1,30,600/- to ₹2,15,900/-
Lieutenant Colonel 12 ₹1,21,200/- to ₹2,12,400/-
Major 11 ₹69,400/- to ₹2,07,200/-
Captain 10B ₹61,300/- to ₹1,93,900/-
Lieutenant 10 ₹56,100/- to ₹1,77,500/-
Subedar General 8 ₹65,000/-
Subedar 7 ₹50,000/-
Naib Subedar 6 ₹45,000/-
Havaldar 5 ₹40,000/-
Naik 4 ₹35,000/-
Lance Naik 3 ₹30,000/-
Sepoy 3 ₹25,000/-

Ranks in Indian Army, Navy and Airforce

Indian Army Salary Per Month

The salary structure for the Indian Army, based on the 7th Pay Commission, ranges from ₹21,700 to ₹2,50,000. The fundamental pay constitutes a significant proportion, typically varying from 35% to 50%, of the total remuneration for government employees, which includes personnel in the Indian Army. The estimated monthly salary for different ranks in the Indian Army is outlined below.

  • Lieutenant: ₹56,100
  • Captain: ₹61,300
  • Major: ₹69,400
  • Lieutenant Colonel: ₹1,21,200
  • Colonel: ₹1,30,600
  • Brigadier: ₹1,39,600
  • Major General: ₹1,44,200
  • Lieutenant General: ₹1,82,200
  • General: ₹2,50,000

Indian Army Salary 2023, In Hand Salary, Allowances, Pay Scale

Beyond the basic salary, Indian Army officers are entitled to a wide range of allowances and benefits that significantly boost their overall income. These additional perks can vary based on factors such as rank, location of posting, and specific circumstances. Let’s explore some of the common allowances and benefits accessible to Indian Army officers:

Dearness Allowance (DA)

Designed to counteract inflation, the Dearness Allowance complements the basic salary, helping officers maintain their purchasing power. This allowance is crucial for ensuring that officers’ real income keeps pace with the rising cost of living.

Military Service Pay (MSP)

The Military Service Pay is awarded as compensation for the unique demands and nature of military service. It serves to acknowledge the sacrifices and challenges that officers face in the line of duty, adding to their overall remuneration.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

Given to officers to cover accommodation costs, the House Rent Allowance varies based on the location of the posting and the officer’s rank. It ensures that officers have suitable housing options, particularly when stationed in high-cost areas.

Transport Allowance

The Transport Allowance is intended to defray commuting expenses. It supports officers in meeting their travel requirements, whether for official duties or personal needs, making their lives more convenient.

Field Area Allowance

This allowance is granted to officers serving in challenging terrains and conditions. It acknowledges the arduous environments and the additional hardships that officers face while fulfilling their duties in such areas.

High Altitude Allowance

Aimed at officers posted in high-altitude regions, this allowance recognizes the extreme conditions and health risks associated with such postings. It ensures that officers receive compensation for the challenges they encounter at higher altitudes.

Special Duty Allowance

Given for tasks demanding exceptional effort or risk, the Special Duty Allowance compensates officers for their dedicated service. It motivates officers to take on challenging assignments and responsibilities.

Kit Maintenance Allowance

Allocated for maintaining uniforms and gear, the Kit Maintenance Allowance assists officers in upkeeping their professional appearance. It ensures that officers are well-equipped and presentable at all times.

Medical Facilities

Officers and their families receive access to comprehensive medical services and facilities, contributing to their well-being and quality of life. This ensures that officers and their loved ones are well taken care of in terms of healthcare.

Pension and Retirement Benefits

One of the significant long-term benefits for Indian Army officers is the pension and retirement benefits they are entitled to upon retirement. This ensures financial security and stability in their post-service years, allowing them to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Indian Army Other Benefits:

  • Casual Leave (20 Days)
  • Encashment of Leave (up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn)
  • Study Leave (up to 2 Years with Full Pay and Benefits)
  • Lifelong Pension
  • Dearness Allowance (Same as civilian personnel)
  • Death Cum Retirement Gratuity
  • Foreign Postings
  • Air/ Rail Travel Concession
  • Free Hospital Facilities
  • Low-Interest Loans
  • Canteen Facilities, Rations, etc.

Indian Army Salaries by Department

Indian Army salaries are determined by various factors, including rank, years of service, and the department or branch within the Army. While the basic pay is structured based on the rank, allowances and perks can vary based on the department or branch. Here’s a general overview of Indian Army salaries based on different departments:

1. Officers:

Officers in the Indian Army are part of various branches, including the Infantry, Artillery, Armoured Corps, Engineers, Signals, Army Medical Corps, etc. The basic pay for officers varies based on their rank and the branch they belong to.

2. Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs):

JCOs serve in various branches and departments, including the Infantry, Artillery, Armoured Corps, and more.
Similar to officers, the basic pay for JCOs is determined by their rank and the branch they serve in.

3. Soldiers:

Enlisted personnel, or soldiers, serve in different departments, such as Infantry, Artillery, Armoured Corps, Engineers, Signals, and others.
The basic pay for soldiers is influenced by their rank and the specific department they are a part of.

4. Specialized Units and Services:

Certain specialized units and services within the Indian Army may have additional allowances or benefits. For example, personnel serving in high-altitude areas or challenging terrains may receive special allowances.

5. Support Services:

Support services, including administrative and logistical units, play a crucial role in the functioning of the Army. Personnel in these services may have specific roles and responsibilities, and their salaries are structured accordingly.

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Are Indian Army salaries competitive with civilian jobs?

Yes, Indian Army salaries are competitive, especially when you consider the additional perks and benefits.

What is the significance of the 7th Pay Commission?

The 7th Pay Commission aimed to revise and standardize the salary structure of government employees, including Indian Army personnel.

How is the Indian Army salary structured?

The Indian Army salary structure is organized based on grade pay, considering factors like the officer's class, category, and pay band.

What is the salary range for Indian Army personnel as per the 7th Pay Commission?

The Indian Army salary ranges from ₹21,700 to ₹2,50,000, spanning various grade pay levels from 3 to 18.