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Indian Coast Guard and Navy to acquire 15 C-295 Aircraft for Maritime Surveillance


In a significant stride towards enhancing self-reliance in the defence sector, the Indian Coast Guard and Navy are set to acquire 15 C-295 transport aircraft. The proposals for the acquisition are currently in advanced stages within the defence ministry, with the Navy eyeing nine planes and the Indian Coast Guard planning to procure six.

Indigenous Manufacturing Collaboration

The C-295 transport aircraft are being manufactured in India through a collaborative effort between Tata Advanced Systems and Airbus. This collaboration not only strengthens the country’s defence capabilities but also promotes indigenous manufacturing and technological expertise. The aircraft will play a crucial role in maritime operations, aligning with the strategic objectives of the Indian armed forces.

Advanced Features and Capabilities

The acquired transport aircraft will be equipped with state-of-the-art radars and sensors, undergoing transformation into maritime patrol planes by the Defence Research and Development Organisation’s Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS). This upgrade will enhance the surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the Indian armed forces, particularly in maritime domains.

Coast Guard’s Focus on Maritime Surveillance

Indian Coast Guard Chief Director General Rakesh Pal emphasized plans to acquire long-range maritime surveillance aircraft, with contracts set to be signed with Tata Advanced Systems Limited for six C295 transport aircraft. The Ministry of Defence’s support in expediting acquisition processes demonstrates the government’s dedication to enhancing national security.

Comprehensive Modernization Plans

In addition to the C-295 transport aircraft, the Indian Coast Guard is set to sign contracts for nine advanced-light helicopters, specifically the ALH Dhruv manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. These acquisitions signify a comprehensive modernization plan, incorporating a range of advanced and indigenous platforms to address various operational requirements.

Order Book Expansion for Tata Airbus Collaboration

If the proposed order for 15 C-295 aircraft is approved by the government, it will expand the Tata Airbus order book to a total of 71, building upon the existing 56. This signifies sustained collaboration and trust between the two entities and underscores the success of joint ventures in advancing the country’s defence manufacturing capabilities.

Operational Integration: Indian Air Force’s Recent Induction

The Indian Air Force recently inducted the first C-295 transport aircraft manufactured in Spain, showcasing its commitment to incorporating modern and capable platforms into its operational fleet. The induction highlights the versatility of the C-295, which is already in use by some operators in maritime patrol roles.

India’s First C-295 Aircraft Formally Introduced Into IAF

Indigenous Production Milestones

While the first 16 C-295 aircraft will be sourced from Spain in fly-away condition, the remaining 40 are slated to be produced in India at a Tata facility in Vadodara, Gujarat. This marks a significant milestone in indigenous production capabilities, showcasing the country’s ability to manufacture sophisticated defence equipment domestically.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q: Which aircraft are the Indian Coast Guard and Navy set to acquire for Maritime Surveillance, with a total of 15 units proposed for acquisition?

A: C-295 Aircraft.

Q: In the collaborative manufacturing of C-295 transport aircraft in India, which aerospace company is partnering with Tata Advanced Systems?

A: Airbus

Q: If the government approves the proposed order for 15 C-295 aircraft, by how much will it expand the Tata Airbus order book in total?

A: 71.

Q: Where was the first C-295 transport aircraft, recently inducted into the operational fleet of the Indian Air Force, manufactured?

A: Spain.

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