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Indian Literary Masterpieces Inscribed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register

In a proud moment for India, three of its literary treasures – the Ramcharitmanas, Panchatantra, and Sahṛdayāloka-Locana – have been inscribed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Asia-Pacific Regional Register. This prestigious recognition celebrates India’s rich literary heritage and cultural legacy, affirming the timeless wisdom and artistic expressions that have shaped the nation’s identity.

Preserving Timeless Wisdom for Future Generations

The inclusion of these masterpieces in the Register signifies a crucial step in global cultural preservation efforts. It ensures that the profound teachings and narratives embodied within these works continue to inspire and enlighten generations to come, transcending boundaries of time and place.

Honoring the Creative Genius of Literary Legends

The Ramcharitmanas, authored by the renowned Goswami Tulsidas, the Panchatantra by Pt. Vishnu Sharma, and the Sahṛdayāloka-Locana by Acharya Anandvardhan, have profoundly influenced Indian literature and culture. These literary gems have left an indelible mark on readers and artists alike, shaping the nation’s moral fabric and artistic expressions.

IGNCA’s Pivotal Role in Securing Global Recognition

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) played a pivotal role in securing this historic achievement during the 10th meeting of the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific (MOWCAP). Professor Ramesh Chandra Gaur, representing IGNCA, successfully presented and defended the nominations, highlighting their cultural significance and garnering support from representatives and observers.

A Milestone in Cultural Preservation and Promotion

This milestone not only celebrates India’s literary gems but also underscores IGNCA’s unwavering dedication to preserving and promoting the nation’s cultural heritage on a global stage. It reaffirms the organization’s commitment to advancing India’s literary legacy and contributing to the collective efforts of cultural preservation worldwide.

With the Ramcharitmanas, Panchatantra, and Sahṛdayāloka-Locana now inscribed on the prestigious Register, India’s literary treasures have secured their rightful place among the world’s most significant cultural assets, ensuring their enduring impact for generations to come.

2024 MOWCAP Regional Register for Asia-Pacific

Serial Number  Inscribed Item  Country 
1 Funafuti: The Edgeworth David 1897 Expedition Documents Australia and Tuvalu
2 Sultana’s Dream- by Rokeya S. Hossain Bangladesh
3 Archives Relating to the Chengdu Traditional Teahouses China
4 Huizhou Genealogy Archives China
5 Printing Blocks Housed at the Derge Printing House China
6 The Illustrated Manuscripts of Rāmacaritamānasa of Tulasīdāsa India
7 The Manuscript of the Sahṛdayāloka-Locana: Seminal Text of Indian Poetics India
8 The 15th Century Manuscript of the Pañcatantra Fables India
9 Indarung I, The First Cement Plant in Southeast Asia (1910-1972) Indonesia
10 Indonesian Sugar Research Institute’s Archives 1887-1986: The Role of ISRI’s Research Activities to the World Sugar Industry Indonesia
11 The Tambo Tuanku Imam Bonjol Manuscript Indonesia
12 Al-Tarikh Salasilah Negeri Kedah: Genealogical History of Kedah State Malaysia
13 The Royal Correspondence of Baginda Omar (Surat Persendirian Baginda Omar) Malaysia
14 Family Chart of Hereditary Lords of the Khalkha Mongols, the House of Genghis Khan Mongolia
15 Mongolia’s First Postage Stamps ‘Eldev Ochir’ Mongolia
16 Doctrina Christiana en Lengua Española y Tagala (Christian Doctrine in Spanish and Tagalog), Manila, 1593 Philippines
17 Hinilawod Epic Chant Recordings Philippines
18 Images of Khorezm Oasis by Khudaibergan Devanov (1879-1937) Uzbekistan
19 Turkestan Album” 1871-1872 Uzbekistan
20 Bas-reliefs on the Nine Bronze Urns in Huế Imperial Palace Vietnam

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