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Indian Navy Conducts ‘Poorvi Leher’ Mega Exercise to Test Maritime Preparedness

The Indian Navy conducted a mega exercise, ‘Poorvi Leher,’ along the East Coast to validate its procedures and assess its preparedness to meet maritime security challenges in the region. The extensive drill witnessed the participation of ships, submarines, aircraft, and special naval forces.

Operational Readiness and Interoperability

The exercise aimed to test the Indian Navy’s operational readiness and interoperability with other services. It was conducted in multiple phases, including combat training in a realistic scenario during the tactical phase and live-fire drills during the weapon phase, reaffirming the Navy’s capability to deliver ordnance on target.

Maintaining Maritime Domain Awareness

Throughout the exercise, the Indian Navy maintained a near-continuous maritime domain awareness in the Area of Operations by operating aircraft from diverse locations. This showcased the Navy’s ability to monitor and respond to potential threats effectively.

Joint Service Participation

In addition to assets from the Eastern Naval Command, the exercise witnessed participation from the Indian Air Force, Andaman and Nicobar Command, and the Coast Guard. This joint service participation highlighted the high degree of interoperability among the armed forces, essential for coordinated operations.

Enhancing Operational Readiness

The ‘Poorvi Leher’ exercise offered valuable lessons to participating forces operating under realistic conditions, thereby enhancing their readiness to respond effectively to maritime challenges in the region. The exercise reinforced the Indian Navy’s commitment to maintaining a robust and vigilant posture to safeguard the nation’s maritime interests.

Testing Maritime Security Capabilities

The Indian Navy’s decision to conduct this mega exercise along the East Coast underscores its resolve to test and enhance its maritime security capabilities. By simulating various scenarios and coordinating with other services, the Navy demonstrated its preparedness to tackle any potential threats in the region.

As the Indian Navy continues to strengthen its operational capabilities, exercises like ‘Poorvi Leher’ play a crucial role in ensuring the nation’s maritime security and regional stability.

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