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Indian Navy Launches 25T Bollard Pull Tug ‘MAHABALI’ In Gujarat


Commodore Sunil Kaushik, launched the remarkable vessel, the 25T Bollard Pull Tug named ‘Mahabali,’ on the 28th of October 2023 at M/s Shoft Shipyard Pvt Ltd in Bharuch, Gujarat. This launch not only represented a new addition to India’s naval fleet but also a significant milestone in the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Ministry of Defence.

Contract with M/s Shoft Shipyard Pvt Ltd

The construction and delivery of the ‘Mahabali’ and two other 25T BP Tugs were the result of a concluded contract with M/s Shoft Shipyard Pvt Ltd (SSPL). This shipyard, an MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise), played a pivotal role in bringing this project to fruition. The contract aligns with the overarching vision of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat,’ the self-reliant India initiative of the Government of India.

Classification Under Indian Register of Shipping

The 25T BP Tugs, including ‘Mahabali,’ have been meticulously built under the classification rules of the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS). This classification ensures that the vessels meet the highest standards in terms of safety and quality, which is imperative for any naval operation.

Enhancing Naval Operations

The acquisition of these 25T BP Tugs is a significant boost to India’s naval capabilities. These vessels are poised to play a crucial role in facilitating the operational commitments of the Indian Navy (IN) in various ways.

Berthing and Un-berthing Support

The Tugs will be instrumental in aiding naval ships and submarines during the challenging processes of berthing and un-berthing. Their robust 25T bollard pull capacity ensures that even the largest vessels can be maneuvered safely and efficiently.

Navigational Assistance

In confined and intricate waterways, turning and maneuvering large naval vessels can be a complex task. The 25T BP Tugs will provide invaluable assistance in guiding these ships through such challenging waters.

Afloat Firefighting Assistance

The Tugs are also equipped to provide afloat firefighting assistance to ships alongside and at anchorage. In naval operations, fire incidents can be catastrophic, and the Tugs’ firefighting capabilities are an essential safety measure.

Search and Rescue Operations

Beyond their assistance in berthing, navigation, and firefighting, the Tugs are equipped to conduct limited search and rescue operations. This capability can prove to be a lifesaver during emergency situations at sea.

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Indian Navy Launches 25T Bollard Pull Tug 'MAHABALI' In Gujarat_4.1

Indian Navy Launches 25T Bollard Pull Tug 'MAHABALI' In Gujarat_5.1