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Indian Navy’s P-8I Aircraft Reaches Guam For Exercise Sea Dragon 24

The Indian Navy marked its presence in the Pacific, on January 9th, 2024, with the arrival of a P-8I aircraft at Guam, USA. This deployment signals the navy’s participation in the fourth edition of Ex Sea Dragon 24, an Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercise spearheaded by the US Navy.

Exercise Sea Dragon 24-Strengthening Regional Cooperation:

Ex Sea Dragon 24 fosters collaboration and interoperability among the navies of the US, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and India. The exercise aims to refine coordination and communication through professional interactions both on the ground and in the air, as per the Indian Navy’s official statement.

Exercise Sea Dragon 24-Testing Maritime Prowess

The exercise puts various aircraft through their paces in tracking both simulated and live underwater targets. This allows participating nations to exchange expertise and enhance their ASW capabilities. Besides the Indian Navy’s P8I, other aircraft featured in Ex Sea Dragon 24 include:

  • US Navy: P8A
  • Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force: P1
  • Royal Canadian Air Force: CP-140
  • Republic of Korea Navy: P3C

Exercise Sea Dragon 24-Building on Collaboration

This participation in Ex Sea Dragon 24 comes on the heels of the Indian Navy’s involvement in the La Perouse multilateral cooperation exercise hosted by France in March 2023. This Bay of Bengal exercise brought together seven nations, including India, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, the US, and the UK, to bolster maritime security and interoperability. The Indian Navy contributed its indigenous guided missile frigate INS Sahyadri and fleet tanker INS Jyoti to La Perouse.

Exercise Sea Dragon 24-Highlighting the Significance

The La Perouse exercise involved complex naval operations like replenishment at sea, surface warfare drills, anti-air and air-defence exercises, cross-deck helicopter operations, and tactical manoeuvres. The Indian Navy emphasized the value of such exercises in fostering seamless maritime cooperation among participating nations.

Exercise Sea Dragon 24-Investing in Capabilities

India’s commitment to maritime preparedness was further affirmed in September 2023 with the announcement of acquiring six additional P-8I ASW and maritime surveillance aircraft from the US, reported by ANI news agency. These versatile aircraft play a crucial role in conducting surveillance operations across various areas of interest, including the high-altitude regions of the Ladakh sector. Notably, the P-8I aircraft provided critical surveillance during the Doklam crisis, revealing Chinese military build-up along the Sikkim-Bhutan border.

Exercise Sea Dragon 24-Embracing the Future

The Indian Navy’s participation in Ex Sea Dragon 24 underscores its proactive approach to strengthening maritime partnerships and refining its ASW capabilities. This ongoing collaboration with leading naval powers serves to elevate India’s position as a key player in ensuring regional security and stability in the Indo-Pacific. As the nation invests in acquiring advanced technology and actively engages in international exercises, it demonstrates its unwavering commitment to safeguarding its maritime interests and contributing to a peaceful and prosperous future for the region.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. When did the Indian Navy’s P-8I aircraft arrive in Guam, USA, for Ex Sea Dragon 24?
(a) December 2023
(b) January, 2024
(c) February 2024
(d) March 2023

Q2. What is the main objective of Ex Sea Dragon 24?
(a) To promote trade in the Pacific region
(b) To conduct Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercises
(c) To celebrate diplomatic relations between participating countries
(d) To conduct joint naval parades

Q3. Which countries are participating in Ex Sea Dragon 24 alongside India?
(a) US, Russia, China, and Japan
(b) US, Australia, South Korea, and Japan
(c) US, UK, France, and Germany
(d) US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia

Q4. What type of naval exercises was conducted during the La Perouse exercise hosted by France in March 2023?
(a) Trade and cargo handling drills
(b) Anti-piracy operations
(c) Complex naval operations including air-defence exercises and tactical manoeuvres
(d) Underwater archaeology expeditions

Q5. Which Indian Navy ships participated in the La Perouse exercise?
(a) INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant
(b) INS Sahyadri and INS Jyoti
(c) INS Arihant and INS Chakra
(d) INS Kolkata and INS Kochi

Q6. What additional capability did the Indian Navy announce acquiring in September 2023?
(a) Six additional P-8I ASW and maritime surveillance aircraft
(b) New nuclear submarines
(c) Next-generation fighter jets
(d) Advanced missile defence systems

Q7. How does the P-8I aircraft contribute to India’s defence strategy?
(a) By providing ballistic missile defence
(b) Through surveillance operations, including in high-altitude regions
(c) As a carrier-based fighter jet
(d) Through cyber warfare capabilities

Q8. What is the significance of the Indian Navy’s participation in Ex Sea Dragon 24?
(a) It displays India’s prowess in maritime technology
(b) It emphasizes India’s role in regional security and stability in the Indo-Pacific
(c) It showcases India’s naval parade skills
(d) It marks the beginning of India’s deep-sea exploration missions

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