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Indian scientists develop first indigenous Overhauser Magnetometer

Indian scientists developed an indigenous Overhauser Magnetometer, one of the most accurate Magnetometers extensively used in all magnetic observatories around the world. The Overhauser Magnetometer will make way for reducing the cost of sampling, according to the Ministry of Science & Technology.

The sensor installed at Alibag Magnetic Observatory (MO) can reduce dependence of India on commercial OVH Magnetometers for performing geomagnetic field measurements.

Indian scientists developed an indigenous Overhauser Magnetometer- Key Points

  • OVH Magnetometers are known for their higher accuracy, higher sensitivity, and efficient power consumption.
  • The Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG), an autonomous research institution under DST, has developed the Magnetometers.
  • A team from IIG’s instrumentation division used various spectroscopic tools and theoretical simulations to understand the working.
  • They also performed various control experiments which includes varying the sensor composition and examining the sensor’s performance.
  • The examinations helped them to optimize the sensor parameters and its associated electronics.


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